Why trading Branch to Chicago would make sense.....

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  1. ESPN has reported that Chicago is one of the teams interested in acquiring Deion Branch. I would rather keep Branch. But if trading Branch is the only option, Chicago would be the best destination. Here is why:

    1. Chicago needs a reciever to compliment Muhammed.
    2. New England could get some youth with bringing in LB Lance Briggs
    3. If Briggs isn't avaiable, the Bears are very deep at CB, leaving Charles Tillman a strong possibility.

    If the Bears want Grossman to improve at all, they would be stupid not to part ways with one of their CB's and get Branch. Defense wins championships, but when your offense couldn't score on a pop warner defense, you need to get some playmakers.

    My prediction: Branch is catching passes from Brady week 1.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Remix 6

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    Briggs wants to be paid more than Urlacher..no thanks
  3. Well, then cross him out. Pats would want a DB then.
  4. scout

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    I get the Chicago Tribune, I'll pass along any of Sunday's gossip tomorrow.
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  5. Remix 6

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    Vasher was looking for more money and held out of mini camp or something..but he seems fine but he wanted a lot more money as well

    Tillman choked in playoffs but hes a physical guy who can make plays
  6. zippo59

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    The Pats might be looking for a receiver in the trade, considering that seems to be their area of greatest weakness.
  7. DarMan

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    Are Tillman and Briggs tight?

  8. I don't know smartass, are they?
  9. DarMan

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    Better to be a smartass than a dumb sh*t
  10. Box_O_Rocks

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    Why the interest in more DBs, this isn't the first thread looking for DB help?

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