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Why the NFL Draft is The Best

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by OhExaulted1, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. OhExaulted1

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    Every year since 1936 the NFL (or it's incarnations) has held a draft of the top amatuer (college) players. It is the most closely watched and dissected draft of any major North American sports league. That fact is not even worth debating. It is the most intricate and innovative systems ever created and all other major sports pale in comparison.

    For example, did anyone know the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins just drafted Defensemen Dougie Hamilton of the Niagra Ice Dogs 9th overall as a result of the Kessel trade with Toronto? Didn't think so.

    How familier is anyone with the Red Sox picks from this years Amatuer Draft? Besides the 1st round names, what does anyone know about their picks besides the 2 1st rounders?

    Round 1 — 19. (from Detroit), Matt Barnes, RHP, UConn;

    26. (from Texas), Blake Swihart, C, V. Sue Cleveland HS, Rio Rancho, N.M.

    Comp Round A — 36. Henry Owens, LHP, Edison HS, Huntington Beach, Calif.; 40. Jackie Bradley Jr., OF, South Carolina.

    Round 2 — 81. Williams Jerez, CF, Grand Street Campus, Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Round 3 — 111. Jordan Weems, C, Columbus (Ga.) HS.

    Round 4 — 142. Noe Ramirez, RHP, Cal St. Fullerton.

    Round 5 — 172. Markus Betts, SS, John Overton HS, Brentwood, Tenn.

    Round 6 — 202. Miguel Pena, LHP, San Jacinto.

    Round 7 — 232. Cody Kukuk, LHP, Lawrence Free State HS, McLouth, Kan.

    That's just the 1st 7 rounds. Can anyone name any of their other 23 picks off the top of their head without looking it up? Yeah, right.

    The Celtics made a draft-day trade. Why I'm not sure, but they did. Here's a glowing reveiw of their "wheeling-and-dealing".

    Here we are, mired in a stupid lockout of the most popular sport in the US. Will anyone remember the NE Revolution took Zach Schilawski @ #9? Or are you more likely to remember the Mallet, Cannon and Smith picks? I'll lean towards the latter.

    My point is this: The NFL draft is so far beyond better than any other sports league it's pathetic, and we as Patriot fans have gotten to witness the transcendence of a true change in culture with regards to this annual all encompassing event. Belichick has single-handedly changed the rules. Remember when NFL trades were such a rarity that even the mention of them was met with ridicule and scorn? Not so anymore. We all thought Bill was some stiff, rigid, old-school no-comment guy who was devoid of human emotion and incapable of communication outside of his Illuminati-type inner circle. He's played us all and continues to do so.

    The Patriots picked up extra 1st and 2nd round picks next year along with yet another nice haul in this years draft. Belichick is no Wizard of Oz, he hides behind no curtain. He is no Zen Master, no Dictator and no Rebel or General. He's just simply the best at what he does, and that's win.
  2. jeffbiologist

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    Dec 17, 2007
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    Its hard to look past the fact that football is simply a better product than other team sports because of the numbers of athletes it employs. Comparing the drafts is hardly fair however. The NFL has a perfect "minor league" that is college football. Baseball and Hockey dont. Basketball the better players simply dont stick around the "minors" long enough for the public to know their names....and they have a far smaller team.
  3. Husse

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    Why it doesn't matter

    Come on, you can't expect the NFL Draft not to be the most popular on a Patriots messageboard.

    And I'm just wondering, why does this even matter? If we are going to keep things relative and compare I can assure you that the NFL Draft doesn't compare to the offseason stuff that goes on in European football (I refuse to call it soccer).

    So again, why does it matter?
  4. patchick

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    Agreed -- the popularity of the draft is a testament to the popularity of NCAA football.
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