Why the complaints about the draft?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by cringelyindy, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. cringelyindy

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    You guys should be stoked. Why the complaining? For God's sake unless you field Jesus Christ himself your not going to get draft perfection. Come sit in my seat for ahwhile: Pit**** had 8 sacks last year but 3 were against the same team, a lousy Cincinatti team. He was owned during the championship game. I do like Gonzalez but we have receivers. Trading a 1st and 4th rounder for Ugoh is too much. The linebacker from Pitt has injury problems.... don't forget all the class defensive players that fell to us that we passed on. AZ taking Branch #1 in the second round right after we took Gonzo last in the 1st personally hurt! Compare that junk with what you got.....nuff said, enjoy your season as there is a lot to look forward to...
  2. BelichickFan

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    No complaints here, baby. We improved for this year and are loaded for next year's draft. Our day two picks don't excite me but that's meaningless as Belichick has had a good (relatively) amount of success with day two unknowns over the years.
  3. zippo59

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    This is New England. We could have just drafted the 85 Bears defense and people will still find something to complain about.
  4. DarrylS

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    Haven't seen it yet, but heard we have something like 5 picks in the first three rounds next year, that is insane.. talk about an investment for the future. This was a weak draft, also heard next year will be a better one. We realistically had no glaring needs on our team this year, so wait till next.
  5. Jimke

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    The complaints against the draft are because too many people

    (like me) browse all the draft websites. They compare the Pats' picks

    against the website expert's ratings for these players. When the experts do not

    rate a pick very highly, the fan is upset. What you have to keep in

    perspective is that the Pats have one of the biggest and best scouting

    organizations in the league. They work 52 weeks a year scouting players.

    Do you trust their judgement or the websites expert?
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  6. p8ryts

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    We have a lot of hand wringing whiners and this gets them off to a good start for the season. Stand by for severe whining about linebackers.
  7. ClevTrev

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    As stated, if there's something to whine about, it will be found even with the draft clinic the Pats just conducted. And what they did in this year's draft was nothing short of tremendous. I consider the Moss acquisition a draft move.

    That's the way it goes around these parts.

    By the way, the Pats cut Jesus Christ because he was unable to complete the immaculate reception.

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