Why Sunday's game was the Pats best since 2004

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by stinkypete, Nov 5, 2007.

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    Everything was going against the Pats last night. BS officiating, Tom Brady was off, the line couldn't protect, Joe Addai was running like Barry Sanders, the Colts defense was playing out of its mind. After the first 3 quarters, the Colts looked faster, more physical, more disciplined and better coached. We looked like a "finesse" team that spent the first half of the season feasting on hapless opponents, but couldn't match up with the big dogs. Manning and the Colts seemed unbeatable again. Psychological advantage: Indy

    Over the past few years, excepting the San Diego playoff comeback, we never win this game. Perhaps we nail a late score or two to keep it close, but in 2005-2006, down 10 to Indy, 4th quarter on the road, there's no way we win this game.

    With about 10 minutes to go, my buddy said "now we see if this is a bada$$ team or if this is a pansy team." Well, the correct answer is clear. Brady's 4th quarter performance was reminiscent of the snow bowl and Super Bowl 36. The defense played with a fire I hadn't seen in years. They found a way to stop Addai. They found a way to shut down Indy's recievers. They found a way to pressure Manning.

    Now the tables have turned. When is the last time the Patriots were able to overcome so much in a single game? They've shown they can match up with any team in this league. They can knock off the champs in their home. They can fashion a late game, desperation drive and they can shut down a high powered offense with the game on the line. Last night the 2007 Patriots played like the 2003 Patriots.

    Most importantly, after 2 miserable years, doesn't it feel like the monkey is off the back? Manning is no longer unbeatable. He's no longer in the head of the players and the coach. When these two teams meet in Foxboro in late January, it's Manning and the Indy D that will be doubted. Psychological advantage: Patriots.
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    It WAS a tremendous effort ... coming back to beat
    another marvelous team playing at its best ...
    and knowing as they must have seen from early on
    that, once again, the fix was in and they'd have to beat the refs as well.

    Overcoming all the disadvantages to prevail narrowly ...
    indisputably establishes this team as the best there is.
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