Why Not Joey Porter, too?

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  1. tombonneau

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    I know if Pats sign AT that gives them AT, Colvin, Tedy, Vrable, with maybe Seau returning as backup. Not much behind that.

    I think that given that all our LB are near or over 30, there is simply a very high statistical chance that one or more will miss significant time. Not to be a glass-is-half-emptier, but its just reality.

    So why not have 5 capable veteran starters? Hear me out:

    The market for Porter could be similar to the one for Harrison after SD cut him. Proven vet, somewhat controversial, coming off injured season, but perceived as "having lost a step." If this is the market and JP won't break the bank, he could be a realistic signing.

    As stated above, chances of injury to our LB is high at that age. Why not have 5 starters? And with AT being able to lineup at S, you could have 5 on the field in lots of situations.

    And I think it would benefit all the LBs to be in a nice steady rotation to keep them fresh.

    I know I know. I hated Porter too on PIT. Sure he runs his mouth. Sure he gets shot in the ass. Sure his dogs kill horses. But the end of the day, the dude makes plays.
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  2. Ghost of Ben Dreith

    Ghost of Ben Dreith Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    You make valid points.

    For the right price I would have no problem offering a fallen ex-Squeeler the chance of redemption as a Patriot. I think the biggest issue most Patriot fans will bring up is his mouth....but I don't think that would be a problem in our locker room with its established culture. He would be confronted by the players as needed to get in line.

    With us signing Thomas though, the Pats might not be interested in Porter at all since even at the right price, it won't be cheap.

    I would rather see a good first rounder at LB than Porter.
  3. RayClay

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    Considering Thomas just took his position, that would put him on the bench.

    I think he'd be a wonderful backup with his team attitude and friendly disposition.:rolleyes:
  4. carolinatony

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    We would Overload the Squeeler boards for sure if we did!
  5. Keegs

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    Because he trains his dogs to murder horses.

    BB and company are against signing players who's hobbys include mauling horses.

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