Why isn't Gillette Stadium as loud as other stadiums

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Henroc, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. Henroc

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    Yea I know you're going to say that its because we're used to winning but if i could get season tickets i'd scream my ass off until i could barely speak. I started to think about this because patriots all access discussed how pats fans are spoiled and really dont pick up the noise until the playoffs. We need to make it hard on teams that visit us. Especially like this week with manning coming into town. As much as he loves to change up the calls on the go, if we had a loud stadium that would def make it hard on his offense to listen to what he's calling out. We need our own hype man like fireman ed does for the jets.

    Anyone willing to apply for the position? lol:singing:
  2. TriplecHamp

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  3. Tunescribe

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    Every year, we get this same stupid thread. Every year, idiots chime in saying it's the crowd. It is not. It's the way the stadium is built. IF the lower bowl was enclosed, IF the upper deck was not separated by two tiers of luxury boxes and vaulted high/outward, IF the field was not configured to accommodate official soccer dimensions, and IF the club seats weren't located at mezzanine level between the 20 yard lines, this question would never be raised.

    Despite its lack of acoustics, the stadium actually does get loud.
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  4. patriotsdynasty12189

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    i like it just the way it is, its a great place to watch a game
  5. Off The Grid

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    I don't mind that the OP brought this up, because the ignorance on this matter needs to be exterminated.

    It's the horrific acoustics, Gentlemen.

  6. PP2

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    I was about to say the same. If Kraft wasn't blinded by his aspiration to someday host the soccer world cup, they wouldn't have sacrificed so much on the acoustics.
  7. Gator Mike

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    Seattle might be the loudest stadium in the league, and they play soccer there.
  8. Brady_to_Moss

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    been over this time and time again...way the stadium was built..2 open enfs to the stadium unlike others that are bowl stadium
  9. Sciz

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    Seattle's stadium is partially covered. Big difference.
  10. ProudestRyno

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    Brilliant. Thanks for the insight, Grid. Its much appreciated.
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  11. MP-Logick

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    Seattle's stadium was actually designed before it was built so that all the crowd noise goes directly down onto the field. One of the biggest reasons why it is so deafening there.
  12. Off The Grid

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    Kiss my @$$, Brother Ryno!! [​IMG]
  13. Lack of acoustics is one of the problems, sure, but there are also some Blowout Entitlement types who sit around with their thumbs up their asses, talking amongst themselves about their recent money enemas and near miss dates with Miss Massachusetts.
  14. UK_Pat37

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    Acoustics have something to do with it but that is not just the only reason and to deny it is ignorant.

    I was at the Rams @ Patriots game in 2008 where we won narrowly 23-16 and scored the game winning TD in the final couple of minutes. Up until that point we had only managed a field goal all half.

    Through that second half I haven't seen a bunch of fans moan and sulk like it before. They were as quiet as a mouse thought much of the game and it wasn't because of the acoustics..it was because no one was shouting. It picked up a tiny bit on third downs for the Rams but not by much.

    The UKPatriots go over once a year and, given the limited opportunities our members get to watch the Pats, they like to make as much noise as they can....one game they were told to 'BE QUIET'.

    I watch lower league soccer here and my team could be down by a couple of goals at home but the 5,000 dedicated fans who watch our team in the lowest professional league our country has would STILL make more noise than I experienced at Gillette that day.

    I felt thoroughly let down. Why? Because Boston fans ARE spoiled. To the point that when the team isn't blowing another out of the water, they soon shut up.

    The term pink hats is one I can't stand, but fans have gotten too used to winning.
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  15. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    I have to say, when the team with the red bird on their helmet played at Gillette a few weeks ago, the fans in our suite were going wild. Robert's personal chef Marc Dupuis whipped up some goat cheese encrusted New Zealand lamb tenderloin skewers that were an absolute hit with the crew ....even the wives. Muffy, Bev, Alexandra, Tiffany, and Victoria. And when the match started, we were glued to our monitors. Nothing like opening day... the suite with a new decor....safari chic. And the serving staff brought their A game with flight after flight of wines from the Loire Valley. Just a rowdy atmosphere.
  16. robbomango

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    Look at the geometry of Arrowhead and Centurylink stadium compared to Gillette which is open ended and a bit flatter. If there's not enough reverberation being generated fans will have too almost lose their voices to create any real impact. And they'll probably limit those efforts sparingly as would any other fan base with the same problem.

    To often fans get credit for the benefit of a good acoustic stadium design. Places like arrowhead and Centurylink can make even the lamest crowd look visually imposing and loud.

    NE is one of the best sports hubs in america, (the best IMO but I'm biast) and that's not the result of lame fans who don't care, quite the opposite. Gillette isn't a very intimidating looking stadium and has lesser acoustics, please don't blame the fans, that's just ignorant.


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  17. robbomango

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    Felt like posting a couple more,:cool:

    You could put fluffy bunnies in these stands and still intimidate teams.

  18. Tunescribe

    Tunescribe PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Look, I've been to EVERY SINGLE GAME at Gillette since it opened except for two preseason games. I've also been to games in 15 other NFL stadiums (a few of them multiple times). You simply don't have enough experience in this to dare call anyone else "ignorant." Again, it's not the crowd. And tell your friends that yes -- they need to be quiet when the Patriots have the ball on offense. :rolleyes:

    You're wasting your time. These imaginary scenarios just aren't funny.
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  19. kurtinelson

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    I'm so disappointed in Bob Kraft for not taking into account the accoustics of the stadium. When you're building an NFL football stadium, for God's sake, you would assume this issue would have been given serious consideration.

    ps I like Kraft, I understand all he has done for the Pats and the NFL. This is my one criticism.
  20. Tunescribe

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    A true blind spot that's never been satisfactorily explained. Some stadiums are shaped like a cup, some like a bowl. Gillette is shaped like a plate.
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