Why Is Maroney On The Punt Return Team?

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  1. Something I noticed during the Atlanta game. Why is your first round pick trying to first block a punt and then try to block for the returner? Dumb logic in my opinion, the Pats are just increasing the chances of injuring a key contributor this season. After seeing what happened to Greenway, why the hell was he on special teams? The Vikings are stupid!
  2. BelichickFan

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    Check Patriots game film. Lots of starters are on ST. Bruschi, Vrabel, Brown, lots of them. This is nothing new. Go tell Belichick he's stupid.
  3. Murphys95

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    Maroney was a gunner in college. It's football. IMO, dumb logic is not putting your players to the test in a game situation before the season starts.

    Bottom line, whether Greenway was on special teams or on defense he got injured. Bad break. It's football. It happens.
  4. Michigan Dave

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    Because he brings something to the table to help that unit.
  5. Willie55

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    Because he's a football player that has the ability to play on ST's.
  6. T-ShirtDynasty

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    To paraphrase Belichick:
    "There are three phases to the game, and tightness is needed even on special teams."
  7. Handel

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    I still don't get the tightness thing.
  8. DarrylS

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    Being on special teams is expected of all Pats players, injuries happen all over the place... over the years have seen most play on ST's and I think it adds to the overall team concept. Consider the alternative, it is ok for Bruschi and crew to play special teams, but were gonna protect #39... as much as I would like to protect him it makes sense on how BB deploys his work force.
  9. PatsRI

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    Why in '01 was the Pats starting WR on the return team? Oh yeah he did return a few didn't he, why was he on the field goal block team? oh yeah he did pick up a block then lateral it for a TD. Why was one of the supposedly best DB's in the game on punt returns for Atl, SF, Dallas? Because he won games on special teams. Get used to it and yes guys can get hurt on special teams, heck kickers can even get hurt running warm-ups.
  10. Mike the Brit

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    I couldn't disagree more.

    (1) Special teams were terrible last year and it seems to me that the common thread in (almost) all the draft picks this year was an ability and willingness to contribute on special teams. (Mills, Thomas, Andrews -- also Jackson, I think).

    (2) Maroney is indeed a first round pick but he is not a player who, if he goes down, leaves the team without more than adequate players at his position. Have you met Mr Dillon?

    (3) Playing on special teams gets him on the field more and increases his injury risk -- but it's a calculated risk.

    (4) A TEAM team wants players who will do whatever they can for the team -- draft position or reputation notwithstanding.

    (Shame on you, NEM. You, at least, should know better.)
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  11. SoonerPatriot

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    It's a calculated risk. I cringe when I see guys like Bruschi out there, and Maroney for that matter. I belive both are absolutely vital to our hopes of getting back to the SB this year. But with roster limits it's necessary. You just hope for the best.

    That said, if Brady was some special teams whiz aside from being the best QB in football there is no way he would be out there in a million years. I doubt you'll be seeing Rodney on STs this year either. There are limits.
  12. Pats67

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    Its beyond me how anyone can be complaining about this as if it were a new development. This (starters and other keys on special teams) has been going on for six seasons. And for all the caterwauling that occurred when Ted Johnson and Mike Vrabel were nicked up on ST duty, how much did those injuries hurt the Patriots in the long run, vs. how much their ST's have helped them make four playoff appearances and win three championships? It's not even close.
  13. CTPatsFan

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    As scary as it can be, no one is above the team as far as BB is concerned. Well, except for Tom. Plus, being a rook he's going to pay his dues.
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