Why is Jarvis Green not being sought by teams with weak D-Lines?

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    I do not think any team in the past few years have talked with the Patriots about a possible trade or draft pick concerning DE Jarvis Green.

    I can think of at least 10 teams that can use a DE guy like this (Indianapolis comes to mind)

    Jarvis IS by far the best Backup DE in the NFL and the most underrated too.

    He was the MVP of the subpar game NE had last night and to my memory I cannot recall a game in which Jarvis had been a substitute and was not a factor,Hes always getting a sack or two and in on many tackles.

    I really am not worrying about the status of Seymour at this point,I think Jarvis can do the job just as well as Richard and has NEVER dissapointed me in any game I can remember him coming in (remember the 2003 mauling Green gave Peyton in the playoffs).

    I am GLAD we have had no serious offers from other teams that I know of but wonder why other teams have overlooked this overachiever that rides the bench with all that talent.

    I would hate to lose him for a high draft pick or something but if he continues coming into the lineup and play like he did last night,some team is going to take notice someday,enjoy him as a backup while you can.

    You gotta love this unselfish player who never demands anything but to be on a winning team.
  2. Crazyeechrispats1

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    Jarvis is not for sell there could of been talks from teams prying but the Patriots probably told them thanks but no thanks were gonna hang on to the big guy.
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    I wouldn't want to trade Green, a D lineman with his ability is hard to find. He plays alot filling in along the line. I feel that Belichick thinks that D lineman are hard to find, thats why they extended Green already,and Warren recently. He values them very highly.
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  4. BelichickFan

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    Agreed, Belichick gave him a fairly good size contract for a reason - he doesn't want crap behind his all pro DL.
  5. Pats_Man1

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    He's the Kevin Faulk of the Pats D!!!!!!:rocker:
  6. patsgo

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    could you kindly tell us how you know if any team has talked to the patriots about a trade for green?


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    Its called Media Coverage - If anyone was whispering about a trade that would be highly regarded as this,the media would find out..they always bleed the info somehow.
  8. patsgo

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    the media with the patriots? come on they dont know anything, that goes on, so let me get this staight, you dont read anything about a possible jarvis green trade so you automatically take it as gospel that no one is interested? you gotta be kidding
  9. reflexblue

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    No one knows whats going on with the coach's contract, never mind phine calls regarding trades


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    You better read the original post again - it says....



    FOR WHAT I KNOW no team has talked to the Patriots about a trade

    Its not 100% positive,its possible for what I have not heard anywhere - otherwise it would be a direct 'I am sure' statement.

    We BOTH don't know...lets leave it at that and hope no team actually has.
  11. DaBruinz

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    I am sure that teams have approached the Pats about Jarvis and their answer has probably been either "Sorry, He's not available" or " That'll be 2 1st round picks please."

    In either case, we'd never hear about it.
  12. ctpatsfan77

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    Quite simply, I think the reason you haven't heard anything about any possible trades--and, BTW, I suspect far more ideas are thrown around than we ever actually hear about--is that TPTB have made it clear that Green isn't for sale for any price other teams would be willing to pay:

    Bill Polian: "How much do you want for Jarvis Green?"
    Scott Pioli: "Well, you gave away your first in 2008, so how about your firsts in 2009 AND 2010?"
    Bill Polian: <stunned silence>

    I also suspect teams would have to fork over a lot for Mike Wright, as well.
  13. patsox23

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    Whoa - easy, big fella. I like Jarvis, too, and I agree that he's one of the most underrated players in the NFL. I'm thrilled we have him. But this is pretty far over-the-top.
  14. PatsWickedPissah

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    Any why would BB trade a very capable, cost effective replacement when guys like Big Sey have had a history of missing some games due to injury? You just know you're going to need to play Jarvis, not just to give the starters a needed blow but to play several games per season.
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