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Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by QuiGon, Nov 27, 2006.

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    The media loves to talk about how the groom that was killed hours before his wedding was unarmed. Well here's a newsflash: A car is classified - both legally and technically - as a dangerous weapon when used deliberately to assault another person. So that's right, if you deliberate try to hit an officer with a car you will get prosecuted for "assault with a deadly weapon."

    I have seen countless news reports on this incident and about 75% of them omit the fact that the car that was shot at hit both an officer and a police vehicle before it was shot.
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    When minorities get shot or are slapped around by the police the Politically Correct Trouble Making Media will very seldom tell you why the Minority was shot or slapped around, if there are Videos they will always omit the beginning or the part that shows the Minority attacking the Police or causing the disturbance in the first place, but you will see and hear plenty of the Cops action.

    America's Liberal Media LOVES Riots.

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