Why I could care less if they run up the score-2007 edition

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    Jets 19 - Steelers 16

    There is such a thing as a trap game but everyone was too busy hyping the Bills as a viable opponent and ignored the pansy arse pitiful performance by the Steelers. Living outside New York I was privy to watch the pukefest. Every fan in Pittsville probably thought they'd be drinking some Iron City, adjusting the rabbit ears, and watching their own 56-10 win. Pittsburgh, you are dead to me. Go stand next to the Bolts, Boys, and Man(ning) Child.

    So I won't defend the score. I don't have to. They came, they saw, they conquered. You practice to score on every series, practice for 10 yard runs whether your name is Maroney or Eckel, your QB rating is 150 whether you wear 12 or 16, or bust one open down field whether you are Moss or Watson. You want to win 100-0, but will settle for 56-10. Until next week. And oh by the friggin way, if you only score 10 points when a defender falls down and you get a 52 yard FG your O coach should be the kindling you use to set fire to your D coach.

    And anyone that feels they have to, even for one second, defend the most devastating team they've ever seen should be banished to a Hell that shows nothing but an endless loop of the Bears-Pats Super Bowl and Bucky Dent home runs. You are witnessing history. Your grandchildren won't believe you, your children will be convinced you're delusional when you regale them with the story of the Armageddon and commit you to a home. But you'll know. We'll know. Oh yeah.

    Screw it. I'm a Boston fan in the bowels of New York Scumdom and I'm ready to assume the role of Superpower. Bring it!

    :rocker: :rocker: :rocker:

    Carry on.
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