Why did McCree catch the ball?

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  1. spacecrime

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    In all the talk about the how's and why's the Chargers blew a game they were supposed to win, why is McCree's major blunder being ignored?

    It was fourth down. Waiting for the snap, every SD player on the field should be aware that they get the ball if the Pats don't convert.

    Had McCree knocked the ball down, SD gets the ball at the LOS with an 11 point lead and four minutes to play.

    He caught the ball (bad) and tried to run with it (worse). Even had he made the blunder of catching the ball, had he dropped to the ground, it would the SD's ball. McCree would get "credit" for an INT at the expense of costing his team yards (because they would get the ball where he intercepted not at the original LOS).

    But yardage wasn't the problem. The Chargers had the lead. Possession was important.

    I'm sure people will say that it is instinctive to intercept a ball, and try to score with it, even when situaltional football says knock it down is the way to go.

    Sure, every player wants stats. Sure it's instinctive.

    But smart players do the smart thing (knock down the ball to guarantee possession) and team players do not try to advance the ball when the team is better served falling on it.

    I think the Patriots owe McCree a big thank you, though I suppose that would be classless. I do wonder why no analyst mentions McCree's blunder.
  2. zippo59

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    Because the Chargers are oblivious to situational football. They think interception=good, regardless of the context and situation of the game.
  3. Bella*chick

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    You said it all....he was just not playing smart.

    Probably comes from not being coached smart.
  4. Fixit

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    I would have caught it, too. There were too many people near him, and monkeying around with knocking it down could have led to a freak reception.

    Like I said, I would have snagged it, and then dropped straight down like my mass had spontaneously increased tenfold.
  5. 1BoltFan Here4Fun

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    Yeah, before he caught the ball, he should of took some time to decide whether he should catch it or not. Maybe he should of asked the other guys what they thought?

    Instincts. Our DB's dropped easy INT's all season long.

    Actually I decided that it was the curse of Marty. You look at how that guy loses and have to determine he is cursed.

    I think he lost his job yesterday.
  6. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    McCree stated in his postgame interview that he saw six. I don't blame him because he jumped the pass going full-steam in the right direction and if he was right, the game was done for sure. Where he effed up was once he realized he didn't have a clear path in front of him, he should have slid instead of fight for yards. That's something the coaches should have drilled into their defensive players...they are not normally ball-handlers so don't pretend that they are good at it.

  7. 1BoltFan Here4Fun

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    you're kidding, right?
  8. CTPatsFan

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    He's as smart as his coach.
  9. PatsFaninAZ

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    I saw that interview too, and I think he was full of baloney. But even more important is what he said after that when asked, "did you think about batting it down." He said, and this is close to a direct quote but I'm sure not exact: "Why would I bat it down, the ball was right there?"

    Why indeed. He appears still not to get it.
  10. 1BoltFan Here4Fun

    1BoltFan Here4Fun On the Roster

    I agree. Last night I lost sleep thinking about that play. I would of thought that he was devastated by his mistake. To see him defend it was mind blowing.
  11. p8ryts

    p8ryts Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Good Point, I didn't think of that.
  12. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Neon Deion on NFL network after the game brought it up as well. Why didn't he just bat it down. They would have gotten possession on downs anyway.

    McCree must have been thinking highlight reel.....
  13. zippo59

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    Umm no, he should have known BEFORE the play that an incompletion is just as good as an interception. I realize that San Diego fans don't understand the concept of situational football because Marty Schottenheimer has been your coach for so long.
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  14. 1BoltFan Here4Fun

    1BoltFan Here4Fun On the Roster

    I agree, but at the speed of the game, its pretty tough to do much more than play on instinct.
  15. cstjohn17

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    Good question, my junior high coach was no Vince Lombardi but he told us never to pick off a pass on 4th down unless you were 100% certain you could take it back for a TD. We used to practice tip drills and it was 4th down we were taught to slam the ball into the ground.

    Amazing, pure stupidity by McCree.
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  16. Krugman

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    I think Zippo has the best answer,plain and simple.,Dont know how much experience that DB has,but one would think it was lack of experience and coaching(no,not Schottenheimer,the dc or an assistant).
  17. Brady'sButtBoy

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    He caught it for one reason - he said it himself - he's always looking to "make a play." In other words, he caught it to cover himself in glory. His urge to do so comes from a good place I'm sure, McCree wants to succeed just like every other NFL player. Unfortunately, and I feel badly for the dude, his aim is slightly misguided. Success is winning, plain and simple, the Patriots know this and the vast majority of the time in critical situations they react accordingly.

    Leading by 8 with 6 minutes and change left, the 'play' to make is gaining possession. If he had swatted the ball to the ground he would have made a great 'play' that would have likely won the game. But a winning play wasn't enough. The team's success wasn't enough. McCree wanted to show his talent, putting himself before the team and, ultimately, the 'play' before the win.

    McCree's exact words -"I was trying to make a play, and anytime I get the ball, I am going to try and score," McCree said.

    A awful lot if I's in there, eh?
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  18. stinkypete

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    McCree's problem is that he saw six instead of eight ;)
  19. That's the most insightful admission by a Charger fan I've seen... I think this was the turning point in the game. McCree running with a dumb interception and TBrown pulling a strip to advance the possession.

    The game really changed after this and the Chargers were back on their heels not knowing how to respond. McCree's comments were unbelievable, as well. Are the Charger's poorly coached? - I really wondered after hearing McCree justify his actions.
  20. jcdavey

    jcdavey In the Starting Line-Up

    yeah mccree is an idiot...basically lost us the game

    amazing that our smartest db would make the stupidest gameplay decision

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