Why Bobby Carpenter will succeed

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  1. I was VERY skeptical of the Carpenter move because of his "soft" reputation. And didn't all the analysts remind us that he "failed" everywhere he went? Did he fail, or did his coaches fail? That's what I wanted to know. He did what he was asked to do and if he failed then maybe somebody asked him to do the wrong things.

    True or not? Well he's gonna stick and it's obvious that he is a gifted pass defender. So he only plays 25% of the snaps, but he's going to be a very nice role player. He's very smart, has Gumby Hips, good range, good everything in that role. Bingo, another languishing Kevin Faulk rescued from the heap of players asked to do the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

    But beyond that I feel better about the pass defense for a number of reasons but Carpenter is one of them. I feel very confident lining this guy up opposite a good TE. Absolutely. He is going to remove one more headache.

    And losing Fletcher really didn't bother too many people, not because he wasn't a good player or liked by the fans, but because he was immediately replaced by a very capable Carpenter. In fact Carpenter may be the better choice but was only playing behind Fletcher for reasons of seniority in the system. We hardly know it but already Carpenter has stepped up and filled a hole left by a very good role player.

    Carpenter is a true Patriot IMO. He fits 100%. He has the right attitude about doing what the coaches ask. He's a hard worker. He's as smart as they get. I know he's 'just' a role player now but that would be THE POINT.
  2. Marqui

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    In the Saints game he was solid in coverage but looked really soft to me against the run.
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    A lot of his reputation as a "failure" is due to the fact he was vastly over drafted. It's the lot of all first round picks whose NFL careers are that of just contributors, instead of the "impact" players that the team hoped for when they drafted them.

    Carpenter's career would look a lot better if he'd been picked in the 5th round instead of the 1st. That being said, IMHO, I though Fletcher can eventually be a better player than Carpenter, so I wouldn't so easily dismiss his loss.
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  5. Deus Irae

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    Carpenter needs to be an upgraded Guyton. I'm not sure whether or not he's up to the task. Time will tell.
  6. patfanken

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    On paper he isn't. But Guyton could never quite translate his speed and quickness into actual on field production. He had all the physical skills to be an outstanding 3rd down LB, yet it never happened. I can only guess that he didn't have the one thing need for him to be a success, a football instinct. And besides he was just a horrible tackler.

    Carpenter can be a bit slower, yet be the upgrade you seek, simply because he has better "football instincts", and he's a much better tackler.
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    If I were a carpenter
    and you were a Lady
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    Word up is that Guyton sucked for Miami last night
    Kid showed flashes here and contributed but somehow appeared to lose the flag over the years that drove him to impress early on as a UDFA. Getting worse over time is a ticket outa town here.
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    He's got 3 preseason games to show what he can do. The Iggles will be his first test, and he should get some action in the LB cover role he's supposed to be so good at. It would be great to see him temper the loss of Fletcher. Not sure he can completely replace him, but reducing the impact of injuries is what building depth is all about.
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  10. ATippett56

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    The linebacker battle may now boil down to Carpenter vs Tarpinian.
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    Why do you say that? I have a linebacking corps of Mayo, Spikes, Hightower, Carpenter, Tarpinian, and White (sometimes Rivera instead of White but White always finds a way to stick). Seems like anything less than 6 linebackers would be too few.
  12. PatsWickedPissah

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    :eek: I'm really gonna miss Ninkovich :(
  13. mgteich

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    We could keep an additional Ster, depending on how many safeties we have. For DE/OLB's, OLB's and ILB's, we have 9-10 roster spots, including STers. The labels are immaterial, the total is not.

    I agree that Tarpinian, Koutouvides and White are all competing with Carpenter for the LB roster spot. They also compete with safeties for the last defensive ST roster spot.

    MG's CURRENT ROSTER (I understand that these are not locks)
    OLB/DE (3) Chandler Jones, Jake Bequette, Trevor Scott
    ILB(3) Jerod Mayo, Brandon Spikes, Bobby Carpenter
    OLB(3) Jermaine Cunningham, Rob Ninkovich, Dont'a Hightower
    ST (1) Niko Koutouvides (if this roster spot doesn't go to a strong safety)

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    No seniority system on the Patriots, the best 53 make the team, and the best 46 (as coach sees it that week) suit up for the game. I think that if Fletcher heals OK, he'll have a bright future as a Patriot, and IMHO will be a better player than Carpenter. That being said, Bobby will do a fine job in the role coach asks him to do. He can cover pretty well in the passing game, something that the Pats' linebackers have generally done poorly for a while now. I think he is a better player than Guyton, by far. Doesn't possess Guyton's athleticism, but brings a better game IMO.
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  15. Did The Carpenters sing that?

    Hmmm, there was a lovely in that group.

    Oh, ****, we're OT.
  16. ATippett56

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    I originally thought that Ninkovich and Koutouvides were both linebackers? I must have missed something during the training camp reports.
  17. Wrong choice of words. I meant lack of experience in the system putting him at a temporary disadvantage.

    And I didn't mention a "seniority system" to begin with. I mentioned seniority (experience) within the system. I don't know if mods should be making up quotes like that. Probably not. You have the seniority in the system to know better right?
  18. Matthew Jones

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    I'm excited about the combination of defensive/special teams value Carpenter offers the team. At this point he looks likely to make the final roster.
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