Wht this will not devolve into a "Milloy" situation...

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    Brady on FSN (A FEW NIGHTS AGO): I think there's a lot of guys who deserve it in our locker room, not only Deion but, you know, there's a lot of guys, um. It's, it's, also I think, from the player responsibility, I know one way that I looked at it was, where do I want to be? You know? And, and, is this the coach I want to play for? Is this the owner I want to play for? Is this the city I want to live in? Are these the buddies I want to be around? Is this the stadium I want to play in? And the fans... and then, it all says yes.

    And then you go, alright well how much do I need, not how much do I want, cause everybody wants more. I mean everybody who does everything wants more, but the fact is, how much do you need?

    Sounds to me like Brady gets that the Pats made a fair offer.
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    Where did you get this from? When did he say that?
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    A few nights ago. I know, I wish he'd said it tonight. Still, I think this is a good sign of what the locker room's attitude toward the situation might be. There's a sense of understanding management's position/having perspective, etc...

    ALSO - I should've mentioned, someone here (whose name I regretfully cannot remember) took this down, verbatim, from Brady's appearance on FSN the other night. My thanks to him/her - please reveal yoursaelf so I can give you proper credit.
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    I don't know, it looked like Brady just speaking for himself. I know he's the leader but it doesn't mean everybody feels that way. The players around him come and go, even though at one time they said the right things. Let's not pretend once Branch is gone that this kind of issue will never arise again. Most however will wait out for their free agency at least.
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    It's from an in depth interview Felger conducted this week and is using to hype his new FSN Show 4 Downs with Felger. He's been playing snipets on ESPN 890 too. The entire interview will be shown on his debut show nest week - I believe he said on Thursday. Probably got access because of his new deal to host Patriots Friday on his ESPN radio show.

    There are other snipets where Brady talks about what effect it would have on fielding a team with tremendous depth if all these guys got to be paid among the highest paid at the position. Said he knows as a player it probably doesn't sound good when he seems to agree with management, but it's just being realistic.

    Florio on PFT said a few weeks ago that public sentiment aside he heard Brady was privately extremely disappointed in Branch. If the team had hung him out to dry and wouldn't even return his calls hoping to talk about a deal it would be one thing. This is beyond the reverse - they have offered him a pretty fair deal, one at least in the ballpark that could have been the starting point for a deal. Branch is the one not meeting them half way. Brady is no country bumpkin QB - he knows who has tried and who is making no effort. As this thing evolves the players will begin to distance themselves from the player because it is their season he is selfishly f'ing with at this point. They have been down this road before, and likely will travel it again. The good news is they've won Superbowls all along the way.
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    No, it doesn't mean EVERYONE feels that way, but I think you're missing what is screeching from between the lines in his comments. I don't think Brady even tries to hide it that much. I'm not saying that Brady represents the feelings of everyone in the locker room. I'm saying his opinion and attitude are a big tone-setter in the locker room, and that should help this from unraveling.

    By almost all accounts, Deion was offered a fair deal - by his own agent's numbers he was offered a fair deal. This is not lost on Brady, and I'm guessing it doesn't lead to a revolt. This will be tough to overcome but it will certainly focus the troops.
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    Great point!
    I like this point alot.

    Tedy B and Troy...Tom as well. These three guys are people that ....I respect alot.
    I think we all do. They play so hard and are so versatile-We are so lucky to have them. I felt proud seeing Troy do the QB and it made me think of Tom too. I actually got a lump in my throat because I wanted them to know how much we all love them. I had a chat with a friend tonight about that. How lucky I am to be alive and be here when so many others have it so much worse. How much scratch do I really need? There are too amny good people drowning in debt and family's destroyed. I understand Deon want to help his family but the wa....I wanna rip Deoins agents head off!


    They sacrificed to make this team-they have heart....and Deion has a good deal on the table.....makes me wonder what he really want.

    Sometimes I don't understand people. Its any easy decision we have peoposed a good deal and the potential to grow with us......Ive tried everything. I was the original poster of JChayuts cell #. These turkeys are people like us and need to get the news from the true doods (US)....I hope Tom DOES NOT wish him luck and breaks it off.....We need to work it out and pound Denver.

    I love Chad Jackson B&tches!
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    Can I have a swig?

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