Who's Contracts Can Be Redone to take Advantage Of Cap Space

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    Now we have all this Cap Space $15 Million......Can we redo some contratcs of players that we want to lock up for th efuture with this years cap space...or is it to late?
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    There are a couple of deadlines here.

    1.) the Monday of the 10th week of the season - any salary increase for that season after that date is treated as a signing bonus for salary cap purposes and will be prorated over the new length of the contract.


    Raise Tedy's salary by 2 million dollars in Week 3. That salary increase hits only the 2006 cap. Raise Tedy's 2006 salary in Week 13. That salary increase is prorated over 2 years (the life of the contract.

    2.) the end of the regular season. Any deal done after then will not affect the 2006 cap year.

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