WHO will the inactives be...5 are known

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    Just curious who the other 3 could be...Jordan, Morris, Crable, Slater and LSanders are out...but will Green or Kaczur have a chance to get back on the field? Will they again have 3 QBs activated? My guess is that Gutierrez will be the 3rd QB, and Kaczur and Green still out. I do think Alexander will be active---first time since KC....I WOULD like to see Green out there..but I am thinking precautions and being sure he'll be ready for the Bills. Kaczur MIGHT be active, but I wonder if they wish to have only 3 tackles active with him coming back?? I DO think they will keep Neal and Hochstein as backups inside as they are rotating a bit with Neal..although it seemed less so last week. Hobbs will play as he's a real game day player.
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