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Who took the "Reform" out of Health Reform?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by godef, Aug 7, 2009.

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    When talking about healthcare in this forum, something that I don't oten see discussed much is the Reform aspects of the Obama admin's proposed program. This is not Reform as in the-government-can-run-a-more-efficient-program; this is Reform as in eliminating-the-abuses of the private healthcare industry.

    I seem to recall a time when everyone complained about healthcare. Whereas once the system was simple and you go see any doctor at will and pay up a deductible, as the private health insurance industry evolved, we found ourselves constantly getting more and more limited options. First they began making us choose from their list of doctors; the family doctor was now a primary physician. Next we started needing to get referrals for specialist, and those too were limited to their list. There was the baloney about refusing coverage on prior conditions, regardless of the fact that most folks in this catch-22 typically didn't have any choice about switching coverage. Then, as they became more and more expensive, those of us provided health insurance through employment saw our options dwindle, from 4 or 5 options (ie DIFFERENT healthcare providers) offering a range of choices from HMO's to the traditional systems to today where it's typically a choice of one program for many people, and these typically have only 2 plans. This is "choice"? We have ALL complained about healthcare at some point in time, at some level or another; virtually anyone who denies that is a damned liar in my estimation.

    But I guess we got used to it, because now we supposedly love our private health insurance (someone on this board quoted 83%?), and have a fear and loathing of any suggestion to universal healthcare, and I have to wonder, what did I miss?!? How did this change? Particularly when you consider that:

    1. the cost of healthcare has continued to escalate at a far faster pace than inflation, despite the fact that the bigger companies are gobbling up its smaller competitors and should thus be getting more cost efficient;
    2. regardless of the cost, our healthcare as a nation ranks only in the high 30s worldwide;
    3. healthcare industries continue to increase its rate of denials and outright rescission through various means (simple claim denial for legitimate services, hiking rates for small companies where one or a few employees have demanding health problems in order to encourage those companies to drop their service; looking for the smallest errors or typos in claim forms in order to justify denying the claim, etc)
    The simple truth is, as testified by Wendall Potter in his damning inteview with Bill Movers, the private healthcare industry is morally corrupt, and it has methodically worked hard to make the public believe that government provided services would be a disaster in order to protect their own money making machine. Anyone surprised by this? You righties always harangue us UHC proponents about drinking the Obama kool-aid, but in truth it is the private healthcare industry that brews the biggest batches of koolaid, and those of you who believe the PHC industry is all about providing quality care first and profit second are drinking it by the gallon. You all suck up to this industry's rhetoric and propaganda, in spite the following facts (link that backs items 2-4):

    1. All those 30-odd countries ahead of us on the list all provide UHC; this has been well covered in this forum.
    2. Medicare is more cost-efficient than PHC even though its customer base is typically older.
    3. Medicare denies fewer claims than PHC.
    4. Medicare is PREFFERED over PHC.
    Another myth I'd like to debunk:

    SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE WILL MEAN FEWER CHOICES - I challenge anyone here to find anything suggested or proposed by the sponsors of universal healthcare that, if UHC comes into existance, continuing to offer and provide private healthcare would become illegal. This won't happen. If there is any significant demand for private healthcare by those disatisfied with the UHC, then there will still be PHC's around to provide it. Probably many of the current health providers will go out of business, but too bad, that would be their own fault for sucking up to Wall St and treating its customers as commodity as described above, and creating this whole mess (IMHO the PHC industry is as bad as the banking industry, and look at the mess they made). They would all be forced to become comsumer friendly in order to provide better coverage than provided by UHC and attract customers. Many will go out of business, but the better PHC's will survive or be created anew. People would now have the choice of accepting UHC, or opting out and paying for PHC, which they currently doing anyhow.

    This would be capitalism at its finest. Supply and demand. What the PHC industry runs right now is not capitalism, but just pure greed. Americans deserve better.

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