Who the hell is this guy?

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    Senile old man..another hater...add him to the list..and these people supposedly understand sports?? another embarrassment..and believe me..I think ALL Patriot fans should remember who these A**es are..and even if it is years from now..now that they have hidden agendas...
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    Frank Deford is a formerly well-known columnist who is ridiculously uninformed. Carucci was scatching about both Deford and Peter King and the fact that their stories indicate they actually DON'T UNDERSTAND what it is they've been reporting on for the last couple weeks. Honestly, it's humiliating for those two.
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    Isn't Deford more well known for reports on Boxing?
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    Another self asorbed who thinks BB's job is to give them copy. In their world view this is more important than how he coaches the team. This is why they hate BB and why when the taping deal came up they jumped on it. It was the media opportunity to get BB for all the real and imagined slights over the years.

    If this had been say B Parcells or another coach popular with the media the story would have been handled very differently.

    Nw with the penalty in place the tpes destroyed their story is essentially over and still with no presser where BB apologizes to wither the league or the media. This drives them absolutly nuts, they aren't getting their pound of flesh , their revenge on BB where he lies prostate before them at a press conference where they get to humiliate him and get their revenge.

    Too F'n bad. The press can pound sand.

    Yes their ignorance of what they are reporting on has been amazing. Keep the press's stupidty in mind whenever you read their 'expert' analysis.
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    Belichick is not the devil. He's not the most gracious guy, nor the most ethical, but he is still a great coach.

    That his legacy will forever be linked to this scandal is probably punishment enough. I've enjoyed this little thing as much as the next guy but time to move on.

    The guy cheated and tarnished a legacy, I get it.

    Maybe you guys should stop obsessing over this now so us "haters" don't have to keep throwing it in your faces. It's too easy.
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    Agreed. Frank Deford is someone whom you all should have heard of...but he is a has-been, and, as patsox23 mentioned, uninformed. Ignorant, actually...and he should be ashamed. Hardly anything in this postage-stamp sized drivel is accurate...and Deford should apologize...except that he has nothing to lose by being so stupid, since he is absolutely irrelevent. All the greater shame for him.
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    Obviously you do not, but that's okay. I'm sure you will have an excuse ready in November.

    This "scandal" is now just an excuse for the jealous and ignorant to flap their gums.

    It will not last forever. Eventually the world will figure out that the crime was video taping signals, not stealing them, and that the Pats merely used a different method to accomplish the same thing the Colts and everyone else has been doing right along.

    It has taken a week for the smart ones to figure that out. Stupid people still don't get it. Some of the terminally stupid may never get it.
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    Actually the crime was videotaping signals. At least you got half of it right. Way to go.
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    Yes, I can see why you could read my sentence that way. Ambiguous on my part. Should have added a comma. Let me try again:

    The crime was not stealing signals. All teams try to steal signals. The crime was video taping, not stealing, signals.

    That better? If not, try this:

    The crime was video taping signals, not stealing signals. Every team tries to steal signals. There is no penalty for stealing signals, only video taping them.

    That should make my sentence clearer, I think.

    I corrected the intial post. Thanks.
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    "This episode represents a calculated and deliberate attempt to avoid longstanding rules designed to encourage fair play and promote honest competition on the playing field"-Roger Goodell

    These words are forever out there, and will always be a part of NFL history. It will never be erased.
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    I don't even bother reading writers' personal opinions on the topic any more. But FWIW Frank Deford is one of the most famous sportswriters of the past half century. In addition to decades as SI's lead feature writer he was the guy who founded the National, that valiant attempt at a daily sports paper that flopped so completely. (I only read it once, I seem to recall a long feature on a little-known young basketball phenom named Shaquille O'Neal.) He also wrote the book "Everybody's All-American," so I'm not sure where the "boxing writer" impression came from.

    Anyway, this particular article might be best as digital fishwrap, but Deford has earned the right to shoot his mouth off as much as anybody.
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    The dead have spoken.

    Deford used to be quite relevant about 20 years ago.

    SI has become the extended care facility for aging sport-writers.

    These are guys that long for the days when sport were filled with all good guys that they'd write gushingly about.

    Guys like Pete Rose, OJ Simpson, Ty Cobb..........etc.

    SI seems to have also cornered the market on self-righteousness.
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    You will never have that much money because you chose to write as a career, and you suck at it.

    well, i guess he used to be good. i never read anything of his though.
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    I wonder what Frank will write after the Pats have run the table to their fourth SB of the decade while under the tightest scrutiny of any team in the league? I also wonder what Goddell will say to BB at the award ceremony after the game. My guess is that BB and the Pats head straight to the locker room after the win and begin gameplanning for the draft.
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    How can you not look at Frank DeFord, and not think, I vant to drink your blood. Yea, when I think of BB I think of Barry Bonds and Nixon, he's that close. Just keep piling on, baby, keep it coming.
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    Actually, the crime is stupidity or hubris on BB's part not to do it in a covert manner, like the Colts and all the other teams do it. I can't agree with your point that the Colts and everyone else has been doing the same thing. I believe they would be wiser than BB in that if they were warned, they wouldn't go back and do it again 6 miles from the NFL's Madison Ave HQ to a team that was coached by one of Dungy's former underlings.

    He was trying to prove a point to the NFL - - and he miscalculated badly. Even the greatest geniuses have tin ears in certain respects. BB has his. He screwed up and it cost himself (and more importantly) the organization.

    However, the crime was NOT "cheating". "Cheating" connotes subterfuge and sneakiness. There was nothing sneaky in the way the Patriots practically advertised Estrella in that first game.
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    The words of a bumbling man, attempting to satisfy the masses of ignorant journalists. RG has proven in his short stint as Commissioner that he will do amything to be viewed as "tough".

    The entire outcry was fueled by the media because they don't think BB gives them the info they deserve. "Power of the press"...scumbags.
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    :ditto: ........................................ :yeahthat:​

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