Who Says the Balance of Power Has Shifted to NFC?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by captadamnj, Dec 15, 2008.

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    Earlier this year, everyone was raving about the NFC East, the resurgence of the NFC South, the likely strong seasons of a couple teams in the NFC North and how the Cards and 'Hawks would be fighting for the NFC West. The AFC East was weak with the loss of Brady, and the Colts were done by week 8. "The balance of power has shifted" was the cry. But now look at the standings. From a mathematical perspective, the Vikes could win out and the Giants and Panthers could each lose their last 2. 11-5 would have the top 2 seeds in the NFC. The Pats, Ravens and either the Jests or Phish could win out and an 11-5 team would miss out on the playoffs in the AFC for the first time ever. (Not that I see either scenario playing out, Pats are going to the playoffs!) Anyone still think the balance of power has shifted?
  2. Disco Volante

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    Well, if we're just going by record here...

    #1 Seed
    12-2 Titans > 11-3 Giants
    Advantage: AFC

    #2 Seed
    11-3 Steelers = 11-3 Panthers

    #3 Seed
    9-5 Jets = 9-5 Minnesota VIkings

    #4 Seed
    8-6 Broncos = 8-6 Cardinals

    #5 Seed
    10-4 Colts > 9-5 Cowboys
    Advantage: AFC

    #6 Seed
    9-5 Ravens = 9-5 Buccaneers
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    It's funny, I brought up that question in preseason and after week one, and fans of NFC teams told me I was over reacting. Now for the last six or eight weeks they tell me how bad the AFC is - but with a little bit less conviction every Monday morning.
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