Who Is The Biggest Star Left In The Playoffs

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    Since both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are out of the playoffs, (both superstar status) no one is left of that stature. You sense that Big Ben could be on the brink of future stardom, yet he has more to prove. Bettis, most likely a future Hall of Famer is at the tail end of his career and not in his prime.

    An argument can be made for the Seahawks, Sean Alexander or Panthers Steve Smith. I'm not sure who would be the top star for Denver as they are very well balanced but I guess I'd have to say Jake Plummer.

    So I am struggling here. Who is the #1 star left in the playoffs?

    Bonus points.....Does the NFL feel cheated that somebody like a Manning, Brady, Larry Johnson (not putting him in the same category, but who was better in the last two months) don't have a superstar in the playoffs?
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    I say the Panthers' Steve Smith is the biggest star right now.

    *for Denver I would say that their big name player is John Lynch

    I do know what you mean though, this year's Super Bowl will be lacking the Brady/Bruschi/Harrison vs. McNabb/Owens matchup.

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