Who is the 2nd best team in the NFL?

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Who is the 2nd best team in the NFL right now?

  1. Pittsburgh

  2. Dallas

  3. Green Bay

  4. Indianapolis

  5. A team not mentioned (Please Specify which team)

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  1. PATRIOT64

    PATRIOT64 In the Starting Line-Up

    Have Green Bay,Dallas or Pittsburgh overtaken injury riddled Indy as 2nd best team in the NFL?

    We all know NE is #1 even Indy fans realize this now
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  2. bradmahn

    bradmahn In the Starting Line-Up

    The Patriots' second stringers.
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  3. Fogbuster

    Fogbuster Pro Bowl Player

    All four of those teams are serious contenders, imho.

  4. wizwor

    wizwor Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #95 Jersey

    I think Dallas is surging -- even if they don't have an answer to the Patriots. I almost clicked Indy, but I'm starting to think they are done. We've seen great [Patriots] teams overcome devastating injuries, but I don't think Indy has the horses. When people start playing out of position, the injuries mount. See you next year, Payton.
  5. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae PatsFans.com Retired Jersey Club PatsFans.com Supporter

    Disable Jersey

    Indianapolis is the second best team in my mind until I'm convinced that they can't adapt to the injuries. One game where Manning stunk out the joint is not enough to convince me.
  6. Rossmci90

    Rossmci90 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Indy, last week's loss was a freak game, that they would have won anyway if Vinatieri hadn't missed that FG.
  7. godef

    godef In the Starting Line-Up

    I have to say Dallas, despite what I said earlier about my expecting them to blow up. They have pretty much waltzed through their schedule. OTOH, Green Bay struggled in several of their wins, and Pittsburgh lost to the likes of Arizona and a not-so-impressive Denver team.
  8. godef

    godef In the Starting Line-Up

    I think the SD game was already a failure to adapt to injuries. Lack of quality receiving is part of what caused Manning to throw all those picks. Brady didn't have games like that when Branch was out.
  9. He Ban Me

    He Ban Me Banned

    Trick question

    The Patriots are.
  10. danny88

    danny88 Banned

    Another indystar scumbag. If you notice we actually give the colts credit in our pole. Considering your dumb ass gm tied up all his money in 4 "stars" and cannot afford to field a roster with depth you are now screwed :D

    Tell Bill injuries happen in the NFL.
  11. chrisfx811

    chrisfx811 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    As they stand now:
    Dallas is definitely the 2nd best team, imho. If they could have played without all the penalties against themselves in the 2nd half, that game might have gone down to the wire.
    Pittsburgh lost to Arizona and Denver...wow.
    Heck even the Giants list of losses looks better.

    I'll hold judgement on the Colts until I see them play a decent offense in their current situation. I realize injuries suck, but they're facing KC, ATL, JAX, BAL, OAK for the next 5 weeks.
    I can't see their injury situations, aside from Freeney, not being resolved by the end of that run, and I think only Jax can give them a game out of those contests. 12-4 most likely, by the end.
  12. Fogbuster

    Fogbuster Pro Bowl Player

    Pittsburg is the dark horse in this race. With a (young) rookie coach, they are still feeling their way around. But this rook has been able to set up guys like the 'burger to play on a higher level. Watch out for them.

    Dallas and Indy are both very solid (duh), but they have their weaknesses which are not as easy to hide as on other teams.

    GB is a wild card. Favre is playing like he wants to go out on a high note. Playing his heart out, and with savvy, using his experience to the max. Would be interesting to see them in the Supe.

  13. He Ban Me

    He Ban Me Banned

    Screw you man, half this board knows your a NE troll. I contribute more discussion to this board than you ever have. You're just a hater man. You can put that "pole" where the sun don't shine. As far as the "poll" goes, I think NE should be a choice. As for the roster, it's fine and dandy brother.
  14. danny88

    danny88 Banned

    Everyone on the internet forum knows Im a NE troll? Haha , step away from the computer bud. Go outside , maybe talk to a human in person.

    Ps , the colts roster is not fine.
  15. bradmahn

    bradmahn In the Starting Line-Up

    What more do the Patriots have to do to prove to you that they are better than the field? They've already beaten the Colts. Already beaten the Cowboys. They haven't lost to any other teams. No one else can say that.

    Wait, Merrill, is that you?
  16. PatsandTrojans55

    PatsandTrojans55 Practice Squad Player

    My vote would be the Patriots are the 2nd best team......................

    Our 2nd stringers that is. Who wouldn't want Jarvis Green as their starter and he's our back-up DE.
    In all seriousness who cares about 2nd place, let the Colts fans and media fight over who the new Cubs of football are, you know the "Loveable LOSERS".
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  17. He Ban Me

    He Ban Me Banned

    Dude, you are a troll in your own house, admit it.

    I suppose it depends on your take. 2 defensive starters already on IR, with a third to follow, yeah, you could say that it is not "fine". Add in a bunch of questionables for this week, again, you could say that it is not "fine". 17 offensive players available for the SD game, and you could say all is not "fine". But our roster, while depleted, really should have won that game the other night. They didn't, so be it. I feel confident we go 2-0, with a mini bye after the ATL game. We'll see what the roster looks like going into the Jax game.
  18. FrontSeven

    FrontSeven Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Temporarily, Dallas, and later Indy.
  19. danny88

    danny88 Banned

    Blah blah blah blah I give 4 players 90 percent of the salery cap. blah blah blah blah we have no depth / special teams. Blah blah blah blah manning is nothing without his recievers.

  20. onegameatatime

    onegameatatime Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I still think Indy. Good O-line, pro bowl or near pro bowl WR, QB, RB; good swarming defense.

    Can they step up with the injuries, or will they take the excuse?

    Pats had an incredible number of injuries in 2004 and won a SB.
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