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Who is next?? A thread to discuss moves.....

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats726, May 18, 2006.

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    Just thought it would be interesting to have a running thread discussing player moves....and possibilities. With 97 players on the roster going into yesterday, 9 would have to be trimmed before camp to get to the 80+8 mark limit. And that is a minimum trim as that would not INCLUDE others from being added....and I think all Patriot fans know a few will be. (Besides the Ty situation, a possible wide receiver. backup QB and??? all patriot fans know a vet tight end will be brought in [no way will they go with just 3 in camp] as well as a punter) Thus, it might be interesting to comment as players are let go...even the more obscure ones and speculate on who might be next??? )I also think a vet may be gone...at some point..)
    So..the first is gone, cut, Sam Smith. As I said before, I was surprised he was the guy. I had read a few articles about him from the Delaware papers and if anything, he was determined and very serious about football. Out of the 5 UDFA DBacks, he was the one that many, including a few PFW types
    thought might be the sleeper to make the 53. Obviously, he could not keep up or could not do it. It was no surprise that it wasa defensive back, given the team has 21, but Smith?? That was my surprise.
    Who is next??? I would think on sheer numbers, a few more UDFAs...I am thinking CB Gemera WIlliams and/or WR Matt Shelton. The latter was said to have had the dropsies more, so that could prove a quick way to exit.
    Will be interesting to see who they are....who is left and who will get a chance to go into camp. Last year, I think there were a few they wanted to
    bring in but didn't have the room...this year, there will be more.

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