Who connected Levy to Walsh? (ESPN perhaps?)

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  1. Vern

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    Just a theory, but I'm beginning to wonder if ESPN was not more directly involved. They had Mike Fish on Walsh for a long time, Walsh wanted protection. I can see Fish saying "ok, we'll get you a great guy from NY that does stuff for the NFL ok?"

    That wouldn't come off well if true.
  2. NoCal Patriot

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    Walsh to Levy is the story that the media should be focused on if they want the truth in this entire matter but We all know it's not about the truth ,it's about selling newspapers.
  3. Pats726

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    I read somewhere that a lawyer that the Patriots had used actually made the connection....OR had something to do with it...he said he COULD NOT..but did it..

    March 15 NYT....."Levy said another lawyer, who could not represent Walsh because his firm had done work for the Patriots, referred Walsh to him. Levy declined to detail when he started representing Walsh or their financial arrangement, other than to say, ''Mr. Walsh's ability to pay me is more limited than some others.'' "
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