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Who are you rooting for? The liberals or the conservatives?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Patters, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Archbishop of York John Sentamu Denounces Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” Bill - Lez Get Real

    The Archbishop of York has denounced the proposed Ugandan law which would have made it a capital offense for anyone to be gay if they had HIV/AIDS, and would impose a life sentence on them if they were just found guilty of being gay. Archbishop John Sentamu is the second highest ranking archbishop in the Anglican Communion and was born in Kampala, Uganda. Archbishop Sentamu stated that he felt that the bill being debated was “victimizing” and that it was “a diminishment of the individuals concerned”. He also went on to say that the Anglican Communion remains committed to recognizing that gays and lesbians were valued by God.


    The new law allows for gays to be sentenced to death, and criminal penalties for those who knowingly protects gays. So far James Inhofe and Rick Warren have been linked to funding for those who support this legislation, even though under pressure they have finally distanced themselves from it, and Inhofe and Grassley (who has not yet denounced the bill) are also linked to a religious society known as the The Family, which has provided funding to the people behind this legislation. (The Family certainly needs to be investigated.) What do you think these influential conservatives should fall for in Uganda? Gay rights? No death penalty? Life in prison?

    Uganda anti-gay bill supported by US Congressmen and Evangelists

    US conservatives flee Uganda ‘kill gays’ controversy | Raw Story
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    Yah, Warren says Uganda is a "purpose-driven nation."

    I'm starting to think "purpose" is highly overrated, given the way it always seems to come out.

    Call me crazy, but I'll take the bleeding-heart liberal point of view on this one.

  3. Mrs.PatsFanInVa

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    #24 Jersey

    "The Family" is a highly interesting secret little group of politicians and religious leaders based here in DC.

    I'd recommend reading Jeff Shallot's book by the same name to anyone interested.

    Even though it doesn't mention him by name and it was written before Obama became president there's a great (possible) explanation of why Obama didn't attend and address The National Prayer Day festivities in it.

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