Who are you guys looking at in the draft?

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    I've seen a ton of mock drafts that are projecting anything from a linebacker to a running back to a lineman to a DB. Who do you guys think the Pats will target? The Colts will likely go after a running back (at some point), offensive linemen, and the linebacker position. I think the Colts will snatch up Maroney if he last that long, but I've seen plenty of predictions with him going to the Pats.
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    who knows

    With BB & Pioli, you never have any idea what they will do. They have their guys that they target and have a value assigned and will draft based on their values and no one elses.

    Logic would say Safety and CB as well as ILB, OL, RB & WR but they could just as easily draft another DL or TE.

    I think the positions you can rule out a high draft pick on is QB and the kickers. Other than that, everyone's job is in play.

    Safety - because without Rodney, we had a street free agent starting. However, we also had a couple of young players at safety who should be returning from injury. They may go Free Agent with this need.

    WR - Givens is likely to leave, but will they go Free agent for Jurevicius, will they re-sign Andre Davis, Dwight, Bethel Johnson? This may be a focus for FA and draft since they need to get Brady some more weapons to work with.

    TE seems to be solid, but we thought that when they drafted Watson.

    With Dillon having an off year, RB could be a high pick or they could look at another year of re-stocking the oline like last year.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see someone who plays center drafted to give us more back up at that position assuming he can also play guard. We think they'll try to re-sign Neal at RG, but who knows for sure. If he leaves, I think we'll definitely see a Guard drafted.

    Or they could do what they usually do and that is draft guys that we go "huh?" that turn out pretty good -
    Seymour, mankins, Branch, watson..
  3. workhorse

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    The same is true for Polian. I don't know if I've seen more than one season where the draft experts came even close to hitting the Colts' first pick. Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, and Bob Sanders where are "huh?' picks too.
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    Workhorse, over recent years our wishes and opinions have had no predictive value whatsoever.

    That said, the separate forum for the 2006 draft, on this messageboard ... is something of an encyclopedia for the many, many answers to your question ... that Pats fans have.

  5. workhorse

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    No need for an encyclopedia. I was just looking for some quick thoughts. :D
  6. FSUPatsFan

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    Well, for the first round I would count on the Colts drafting someone on offense. I did read somewhere that the reason the Colts drafted Reggie Wayne is because Peyton pushed hard for him, even though Polian wanted someone else (I forgot who, I think someone on defense).
  7. workhorse

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    I hadn't heard that one, though knowing Polian I would question that a bit.

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