Who are we missing more? - Gaffney or Seymour?

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    I say Gaffney is the bigger loss...this team has NO ONE outside of Welker and Moss for defenses to worry about and the 3 man rush is going to probably be what defenses send the next 4 games because its a blueprint to beat the Patriots by putting that extra man in the slot to take care of Welker now.

    I think Jarvis Green and Mike Wright and even Pryor have played decent in place of Sey,While they are not anything near or like the threat Seymour offered opposing offensives,I think the loss of a talent a 3rd WR is killing this team and punishing Brady with no weapons to look for except 2 guys and a VERY predictable offense that may get shut down most of december.

    The fact that Baker and Watson are HORRIBLE receivers as TEs this year is not helping any.
  2. JSn

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    McDaniels :(
  3. DarrylS

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    How would you know if Watson and Baker are terrrible receivers, there is not enough evidence to determine all that much... the running game has been OK, so maybe that is a barometer...


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    Unfortunately he is a loss too but he isn't on the field and playing at less than a pro level like many of our guys right now.:mad:
  5. Deus Irae

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    Seymour. Every other player loss could have been adjusted for.
  6. Batman

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    Sam Aiken is starting to look good now brady is throwing to him more.
  7. JackBauer

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    I mean, look at the pass rush Green and Warren provide without him.
  8. DougFlutie

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    Charlie Weiss


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    Have they been in a position to get open or make plays?

    Maybe you can blame Brady for not seeing them open if they ever get open or for O'Brien not using them more, but from what I see they suck big time.

    Blocking is a big assignment for them in running plays but all good teams usually have a TE you have to game plan for in regards to being another receiving threat to defend against...our TEs are a joke in that department.

    We have so many needs in the offseason I don't know where to begin,you would think this team is 0-12 for how many holes they have all over the roster.
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  10. hgelpke

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    Mike Vrabel
  11. RhodyPatriot

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    The reason other teams have no one on offense they need to account for besides Moss and Welker is a product of the playcalling and the QB.
    From what I've seen Aiken can be an adequate WR. Watson can play. Faulk can play. How about Maroney in the screen pass game to get him some open field to utilize his speed? Sammy Morris has a history as a successful NFL running back. Matt Cassel went 11 - 5 with this group and they were rolling over people in December.


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    Vrabel would be a locker room presence but as a pass rusher ,not so much

    Look at his stats in a bad Kansas City defense,He has not even stood out with those clowns around him.
  13. JSn

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    You what we're really missing?

    The fekking END ZONE.

    Man, I'm surprised by how annoyed I am about this loss. You'd think it would get easier...
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  14. Bella*chick

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    My answer is Corey Dillon.

    And Gaffney, I guess.


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    Dude,Losing 3 of 4 for a team that was supposed to be a Super Bowl favorite is plenty of reason to be dissapointed and annoyed...we all have rights to be today and its really hard to see anything better than a 1 and done in January so being annoyed is normal around here these days.
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  16. brady et al fan

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    I'd have to go with Seymour. I think Aiken is doing ok as a 3rd receiver but I think the Seymour trade is coming home to roost. The lack of pressure up front is a result of his absence and with the DBs we have, its killing us.

    I don't know if there was something personal between BB and Seymour at the time (remember Sey on the sidelines last year in some unexpected situations) but its starting to look like they sacrificed the present for the future and that future is not even next year.
  17. Deus Irae

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    Aiken is a WR5. Edelman is a WR4. The team doesn't have a real WR3, because they jettisoned Galloway. They could use Aiken and Edelman to get around the WR3 problem if it weren't for the other offensive problems, but the combination of issues is simply too much to overcome.
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  18. HarkDawg

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    I miss Jabbar.....

    Al Davis gave us a number 1 Draft Pick for Seymour....... in a yr/ w/ slotted salaries (hopefully).

    we cashed in on an aging player.:)
  19. Rob0729

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    I'm going with Seymour. He led the team in sacks last year. He is in a contract year. He demands a double team which would free up guys like Adalius Thomas, TBC, Burgess, or whoever to go for the QB.
  20. HarkDawg

    HarkDawg Banned

    oh plz

    he is well past the good years. We made a business move. Love Vrabel..... but I do not think he would have made that much of a difference this yr. (w/ all the ****ty coordinators).

    Mike Vrabel was a GREAT ATHLETE, but he is getting older.
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