Who are the 30 best AFC East Players under 30?

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  1. slam

    slam On the Game Day Roster

    A Chicago Sun-Times blogger made a list for the 30 best players under 30 in the NFC Central.

    I haven't seen a similar list for the AFC East. I wouldn't be able to say anything definitive about the other AFC East team's rosters, but I thought the people here should be able to put together a credible list. Who are the 30 best players in the division under 30?

    For the Pats, candidates are Gronk, Hernandez, Solder, Mayo, Mankins, Chung, McCourty, maybe Gostkowski, Vollmer. If the other AFC East teams seem thin, you could start arguing for Arrington, Green-Ellis, Mesko, Ninkovich.

    Edit to get the ball rolling:

    Jets candidates: Revis (26), D'Brickashaw Ferguson (28), Nick Mangold (27), Dustin Keller (27), Santonio Holmes (27), David Harris (27). Shonn Greene? (25). I'll write down Mark Sanchez (25) even though I don't think he's the top 30 of anything. Antonio Cromartie??? (27)

    Bills candidates: Marcell Dareus (21), Andy Levitre (25), Steve Johnson (25). Ummm... help me out here. Fitzpatrick is mediocre and 29. David Nelson?

    Dolphins candidates: Vontae Davis (23), Brian Hartline (25), Davone Bess (26), Reggie Bush (26), Jake Long (26), Brandon Marshall (27), Cameron Wake (29). Matt Moore? (29)
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  2. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Ice Cold Bruschi Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I don't know about the top 30 but #1 would probably be either Gronkowski, Revis, or Long
  3. IllegalContact

    IllegalContact Pro Bowl Player

    I would not put mccourty on that list until he starts to show something again
  4. IllegalContact

    IllegalContact Pro Bowl Player

    wilkerson, devito of the jets

    odrick, fasano,incognito,burnett of the dolphins

    byrd,spiller,wood of the bills

    unles, of course, if you wish to be bias
  5. Elijah

    Elijah PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #11 Jersey

    Incognito? Really?
  6. BadMoFo

    BadMoFo Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Same with Chung and Vollmer. And Ninkovich, really?
  7. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    When healthy, who is a better RT in the AFCE than Vollmer?
  8. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    Incognito kind of sucks. I might take Starks over Odrick, but I don't watch enough Dolphins football to say for sure.
  9. slam

    slam On the Game Day Roster

    I would like the list to be realistic.

    Don't know what to think about Spiller. He's come on in the last few games, but has spent most of his first two years playing distant second fiddle as backup RB. Four weeks ago was the first time he broke 65 yards rushing. But his average is good this season. If he's on the list then Woodhead should be too, as his stats are a bit better for the career.

    He hasn't been good this year, but I think I'd have to put McCourty on the list for what he showed his rookie year, even though he'd be closer to 30 than 1.

    I am in no way, shape, or form the authority. I just thought it was an interesting question.
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  10. Banjo

    Banjo Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I don't see why they gotta draw the line at 30... Fred Jackson was easily the best RB in the AFC East
  11. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Revis is easily #1. Gronk is a strong contender for #2 (he already broke the single season TD record for a TE and has a very good chance to break the yardage record for TEs this weekend). I don't know about Long. He has not been all that good this year. Still a top guy, but I don't know if I would put him even in the top three based on this year. I think I might put a healthy Fred Jackson #3 (he is still third in the league in yards per game) and the Bills' offense fell apart when he got injured.

    EDIT: Jackson is already 30. Sorry about that.
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  12. BradyBranch39

    BradyBranch39 In the Starting Line-Up


    (Tomlinson thinks this list is disrespectful)

    Marcell Dareus (21)
    Andy Levitre (25)
    Steve Johnson (25)
    Kyle Williams
    A couple more of the Bills O-linemen
    CJ Spiller

    Vontae Davis (23),
    Davone Bess (26),
    Reggie Bush (26),
    Jake Long (26),
    Brandon Marshall (27),
    Cameron Wake (29)
    Matt Moore
  13. Coach42

    Coach42 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #87 Jersey

    Maybe its just because they started out so badly that people are forgetting about him but Jake Long is number 1 Revis 2 Gronk 3. I LOVE Gronk but LT and a shutdown CB are more valuable commodities in my opinion.
  14. betterthanthealternative

    betterthanthealternative In the Starting Line-Up

    I would have thought Mangold and Ferguson were older. Seems like they both have a lot of miles on the tires already. When is Mangold a FA? Need to get him out of NYC.
  15. slam

    slam On the Game Day Roster

    Alright, here's my attempt to rank them as objectively as I can. Please tear apart as you see fit.

    1. CB Darrelle Revis, Jets
    2. TE Rob Gronkowski, Patriots
    3. T Jake Long, Dolphins
    4. G Andy Levitre, Bills
    5. C Nick Mangold, Jets
    6. G Logan Mankins, Patriots
    7. WR Brandon Marshall, Dolphins
    8. T D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Jets
    9. WT Steve Johnson, Bills
    10. LB Cameron Wake, Dolphins
    11. TE Aaron Hernandez, Patriots
    12. LB Jerod Mayo, Patriots
    13. CB Vontae Davis, Dolphins
    14. S Jarius Byrd, Bills
    15. DT Kyle Williams, Bills
    16. HB Reggie Bush, Dolphins
    17. HB Shonn Greene, Jets
    18. TE Anthony Fasano, Dolphins
    19. WR Santonio Holmes, Jets
    20. DT Marcell Dareus, Bills
    21. DE Anthony Starks, Dolphins
    22. TE Dustin Keller, Jets
    23. LB David Harris, Jets
    24. CB Kyle Arrington, Patriots
    25. HB BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Patriots
    26. G Eric Wood, Bills
    27. T Sebastian Vollmer, Patriots
    28. LB Rob Ninkovich, Patriots
    29. DB/KR Joe McKnight, Jets
    30. T Nate Solder, Patriots

    31. K Dan Carpenter, Dolphins
    32. P Brandon Fields, Dolphins
    33. S Pat Chung, Patriots
    34. CB Devin McCourty, Patriots
    35. QB Matt Moore, Dolphins
    36. K Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots
    37. TE Scott Chandler, Bills
    38. WR/PR Davone Bess, Dolphins
    39. HB Danny Woodhead, Patriots
    40. WR/CB/PR Julian Edelman, Patriots
    41. HB CJ Spiller, Bills
    42. WR/PR Jeremy Kerley, Jets
    43. WR David Nelson, Bills
    44. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills
    45. QB Mark Sanchez, Jets
    46. WR Brian Hartline, Dolphins
    47. CB Antonio Cromartie, Jets
    48. P Zoltan Mesko, Patriots
    49. DE Mark Anderson, Patriots
    50. G Chad Rinehart, Bills
    51. HB Stevan Ridley, Patriots
    52. FB John Conner, Jets
    53. LB Brandon Spikes, Patriots

    Top 30

    Patriots 9 players
    Jets 8
    Dolphins 7
    Bills 6
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