Whither Jim Brown?

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    Isn't Belichick close friends with him, don't they share all kinds of respect and admiration for one another, and doesn't Jim Brown, as a much revered veteran HOF-er, have a voice that's worth hearing on this situation? It sure would be nice for someone who knows BB as well as Brown does (they do work together with gangs and prison inmates) to come out loudly and publicly, and at least point out some of the hypocrisy and the massive media overreach that's been going on lately.

    BB did wrong, he's been severely punished, and his rep has taken huge, over-the-top hits - 'though some of that does seem to be subsiding (for now). You'd think Jim Brown's opinion would carry some weight in NFL circles, as well as the general population. Would like him to step up in support of his friend, at some point.

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