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Whistling past the graveyard........

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by stcjones, Feb 1, 2008.

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    This is the analogy that came to me in watching the Gint interviews during media day and randomly since then.......Every one of them is saying "We ain't af-rr-a--id of them guys" etc....from Gomer, to the brashness of Burress......to the many of their defensive players commenting on the Patriots......they seem to be trying to talk THEMSELVES into why and how they can possibly beat this team...........It makes me feel MORE confident every moment about our INCREDIBLE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS.......

    The fact that this game is being played in a dome....is a HUGE advantage for the Patriots.......The fact that the Gints played the BEST GAME of their season against us....in a game where I truly believe BB was kind of toying with them throughout the game seeing HOW LONG their starters were going to stay in there ....and exactly HOW hard the Gints were going to go after the game.....and when they tried to give us a fight....BB and the Pats put them away.......38-28 should have been the final score.....we gave them a late one to get the ball back and kneel down in "garbage time".

    The more and more I think of this game.....the more I think it will be a comfortable Pats win.....not a blowout..I am not saying that,.....but feel Pats win it by about 18 when all is said and done.....especially given the controlled environment of the dome....and the experience that so many of the Pats players and coaches have! GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!
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