Which WRs get cut during or before TC?

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Who gets cut at WR before or during TC?

Poll closed May 4, 2007.
  1. Kelley Washington

  2. Troy Brown

  3. Jabar Gaffney

  4. Reche Caldwell

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    Which WR or WRs gets cut

    Its obvious to me either Gaffney or Caldwell will be cut - Brown may retire before being cut,Childress,Kight and Smith gone as well - Moss,Stallworth and Welker are locks as long as there are no injuries or character issues.
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  2. DaBruinz

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    How can Troy Brown be cut before training camp when he's not even signed to a contract yet?

    Pretty stupid poll.
  3. satz

    satz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Troy had a surgery and has not recoverd , how about keep in in the shadpwns and sign him in case of injury or other issues and a WR goes home.


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    Either vote or shut up and don't answer it,Who cares if you think that its stupid? - That irrelevent here.

    Brown to retire is what more or less what the option is for and besides,he should likely be offered a 1 year contract before TC to see if he still has something left on the tank.

    If you think its stupid,move to another post.
  5. DaBruinz

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    Oh, so now I have to get your permission to voice an opinion? Go blow yourself or something.

    The POLL is irrelevent and yes, it IS stupid because its INACCURATE. Troy can't be cut before TC because he's not signed yet.

    If you don't like people commenting, then don't post.


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    Whatever idiot,You are not worth my time..Go away

    I won't bother to respond to any more of your stupid replies to this post-you are annoying like a fly on a windshield - Use ignore on me and piss off please.

    Its negative people like you who have nothing good to say that give fine forums like this a bad name,Try answering with a positive approach instead of being a jerk - no one else acted like you and there were many votes on this-most guys in here have some class.

    End of story-not wasting any more time typing for you.

    Try some valium or go back to bed-you need rest,you're cranky.
  7. DaBruinz

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    You are the one who posts a poll that is truly irrelevent because the Pats aren't going to cut one of them, yet I am the stupid one. You are the one who posts incorrect information in your poll, yet, you claim I am the stupid one.

    As for class, you aren't one to be talking to anyone about class. Your own posts prove that.

    Unfortunately for you, I have plenty of good things to say and when I say them, I usually have the information correct. Or, if I don't, I thank the person who corrected me. I don't throw a temper tantrum like a 2 year old.

    Why don't you do yourself the favor and just grow up.
  8. Kdo5

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    Why do people think that Caldwell is gonna get cut. I am stunned that Washington(who has done NOTHING) has a more likely chance at making the team?
  9. TealSox

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    Can't let Troy Brown go... with Moss on the team, the Pats have a Marshall connection.


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    Yeah,Those Polls you brilliantly came up with like "How many punts will the Patriots have this year" was really popular - GOT A WHOLE 5 VOTES - Now that ingenious thread was about as entertaining as a job as a security person in a cemetary.

    ZZZZZZZZ That poll put most people to sleep
    - you are such a joke its funny - What are you like 18 years old?

    Try posting a thread that is actiually interesting or at least controversial so that your threads are not the equivalent to a sleeping pill.

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