Which WR tandem would you take?

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  1. slash83

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    ok lets say we were able to sign Jevon Walker before he went to Denver and things also worked out with Deion. Would you have rather have those two or Moss and Stallworth? Which tandem would you guys go with and why?...
  2. BB_dynasty

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    Right now, Branch and Walker, because Walker is a great receiver, but Branch and Brady had chemistry. But for the future I would take Moss and Stallworth if they could get comfortable with brady.
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  3. reflexblue

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    Moss and Stallworth,both are home run hitters and the other two have had health issues i.e Moss doesn't have anywhere the injury history of the other three I believe.
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  4. slash83

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    ya I agree id probably take Walker and Branch but I think Moss and Stallworth have more potential.
  5. Remix 6

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    Walker and Branch aswell

    they are more proven for consistency i would say. Stallworth and Branch were the injury prone ones and i would take Branch over Stallworth because hes been here with Tom.

    i would probably take Walker over Moss because we can rely on him more often than Moss.who has more question marks.

    im happy with what we have though and hopefully Randy and Stallworth show upat full speed

    plus Javon and Branch are 2 different type of players while Moss and Stall are somewhat similar in deep threats because their speed
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  6. kurtinelson

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    Taking salaries into account for the 2007 season I'd take Stallworth (3.6 mil) and Moss (2 mil plus 1.5 mil in incentives) vs Meion with his 6 year 39 mil deal with 13 mil bonus and Walker.

    Also, considering that we have Welker as a possesion receiver, I like the down field potential that Stallworth and Moss provide compared to Meion and Walker.
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  7. WhiZa

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    bump this thread in 8 months
  8. BelichickFan

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    For the players alone I would take Branch and Walker. However when you include the salaries plus the fact that we lost a #4 for Moss but gained a #1 for Branch then I take our current situation.
  9. stinkypete

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    You said it: Walker and Branch would be perfect compliments to each other. Branch's quickness and chemistry with Brady combined with Walker's big play capabilities.

    Problem is, we're talking an $8 million difference in cap charge this year. Think of it this way, in 2006, Torry Holt counted about $7.5 million against the Rams cap. Walker and Branch may be better than Moss and Stallworth, but will the difference in production match that of Holt?

    Niow look at it this way. What would you rather have: Branch and Walker, or Moss and Stallworth AND Welker?
  10. 363839

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    There is no doubt in my mind that if we had signed Branch and picked up
    Walker last year, we would have won the SB and the only new FA would be
    Adelius Thomas and maybe Welker.
    Oh yeah, and Kyle Brady but that's it.
  11. TomBrady'sGoat

    TomBrady'sGoat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I wouldn't want Branch because that would mean the FO bent over and let a player tear up the final year of his deal.

    As long as we're living in a fantasy world where Branch isn't a punk who broke his contract, I'd like Steve Smith and Marvin Harrison.

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