Which sports occurance blew your mind the most?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Lifer, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Lifer

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    A) The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl - 1/12/86
    B) The Patriots just won the Super Bowl - 2/3/02
    C) The Red Sox just beat the Yankees to win the Pennant - Oct 2004
    D) The Red Sox just won the World Series - Oct 2004

    Im not sure which won stunned me the most. the first one got me through a difficult period in my life "Hey, if the Patriots can go to the Super Bowl, I can go through this"
    the second one clearly changed EVERYTHING about being a Boston sports fan.
    the third just made me SO happy, the fourth seemed to complete it all.
  2. Kdo5

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    At least considering the fact we were 3 down.
  3. Lifer

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    i must add, the only bad thing about the Sox winning it all:

    Jimmy Fallon. Man, I HATE that movie. Yet its like a train wreck, you HAVe to watch it because its Boston. And that stupid Jesse song. Guh.......
    i hated all that Jesse, Sweet Caroline, Kevin Millar overblown crap!!!

    there, i feel better...

    anyways, for me, the Patriots winning Super Bowl 36 will always outrank the Red Sox winning the WS.
  4. BradfordPatsFan

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    Given the way it all happened, the way the Sox were playing through mid august, being down 0-3 to the yankees with the best closer in baseball history on the mound, a bang-bang play at 2b that always seems to go against them...

    The Sox beating the NYY "blew my mind" more than the others. There were a dozen other plays over games 5-7 that had to go there way, and they did.

    With the exception of about a 13 minute stretch, the Pats controlled SB36. Once you got a feel for that game, it did not blow my mind, as the original post says. Elation? Yes, but not as mind blowing as 10/21/04.
  5. zippo59

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    C "blew my mind" the most, but B made me the happiest.
  6. frankiesfly

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    Any team to over come a 3 game defecit in a playoff series is unbelieveable. Was this supposed to be a poll?
  7. Patjew

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    Totally agree with you. That movie makes me sick on many different levels.
  8. MetalBleachers

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    Probably B, the Pats beating what was then termed the "Greatest Show on Turf" despite being 14-point underdogs (and finally succumbing in the fourth quarter to allow the tie). John Madden was questioning the Pats' decision to try for the win in regulation, but they had to give it a shot: if the Rams had won the coin toss in OT, they would have scored. Great coaching, great QB'ing, great catches.

    Not a bad kick, either. :)

    I just remember sitting on my couch in disbelief. I'm not even sure I cheered (having gone hoarse after screaming for Tebuck's fumble recovery TD that got called back), just shook my head and said Wow repeatedly.
  9. rabthepat

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    "A" all the way. First Jets, Da Raiders then Miami all on the road.
  10. Wotan_the_Wanderer

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    Without question B.

    As another poster mentioned in another thread, we Pats fans have been through much through the years and it's really been a surreal ride. As if getting blown out by the Bears didn't suffice, front page news about a drug scandle was really rubbing salt on open wounds of the Pats fans. Throw in also an incident where one of the players got slugged out by then senior citizen reporter Will McDonough. Then came the one win per season era, James Orthwein, widespread talk of the Pats moving to St. Louis, so many busts, the Lisa Olson sexual assault scandle and on and on.

    Hell, even the '01 season itself was totally surreal beginning with the hit on Drew that almost took his life, 911, a low round QB we'd never heard of pulling out wins out of no where, and last but not least, the tuck! And please don't tell me any of you knew about the tuck rule prior to the Snow Bowl. I seriously thought that was a fumble and it was back to "well, that was a decent season and wait until next year" per usual. :eek:

    Yes, I know the Sox have had basket cases and surreal moments themselves. Wade Boggs willing himself invisible because his wife was nagging him for being a sex addict followed by jumping out of a moving car leads this list of Red Sox low-lights in my lifetime. But the Sox for the most part always competed, and even when they were bad, there was always Clemens mowing down hitters every five days. The Pats on the other hand gave us Tommy Hodson and Hugh Millen. From that to Adam V. hitting it through the the uprights against the Rams.....in a way I fear I'll wake up one of these days to find that the last five years were all a cruel dream.

    Pats first and foremost, and screw the Sox.
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  11. TealSox

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    This is actually a very complex question. First of all, I never thought the Sox should had lost the first three games against the Yankees. In fact, I thought they would take that series hands down and I'm not even a Sox fan. Damon, Millar, Ortiz, Ramirez, et al were dominating at the plate. The pitching staff of Arroyo, Schilling and Martinez were on fire most the year.

    That said, it blew my mind that they lost three straight and it blew my mind that they were able to regain composure and win the remaining games. The mere fact that they won the series does not blow my mind because I had them favored to begin with.

    That surely wasn't the case with the Pats and Rams.

    14 point favorites over the Pats? Basically, not giving them a chance against the "Greatest Show on Turf" and who would? Warner? Holt? Bruce? Pace? Faulk? Bly? Winstrom? The team was stacked and they were going into a "domed" Super Bowl!

    Not to mention, how the heck did this team make it to the playoffs with a back up QB with no professional experience. They fielded a reject running back in Antowain Smith, who the Bills dumped and came up big for the Pats. I don't know if this counts, but I will say that when I saw the ball fly over the cross bar, with the clock at zeros, I was in complete and utter shock and amazement.

    When a football team wins with the clock running down, the feeling and emotions are inexplainable. I didn't even know how to be excited at that moment. You had to question whether it was really happening and it might even cross your mind that your team is the world champions for an entire year.

    Simple put, B.
  12. DarrylS

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    The RS comeback was unbelievable, and the run to the superbowl equaled that, but the 1st Superbowl Win had to be numero uno.. nothing was ever better than that.
  13. Fixit

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    It's "Tessie." :D And the Dropkick Murphys are pretty good.

    You're right about "Fever Pitch" sucking, and yet it still must be watched. :D
  14. FreeTedWilliams

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    F: The Snow Bowl Game.

    I remember thinking, "we never win games like this"

    How many times were we, as fans, on the losing end of games just like this??
  15. TomBrady'sGoat

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    This thread is basically asking "do you like baseball?"

    C is just obviously the answer. It's as clear-cut as asking "which was bigger, the Miracle on Ice or the Dream Team?"

    C involved the two premier teams and greatest rivalry in the sport with the largest and most rabid followings, the Yanks having beaten the Sox in the same series the previous year, and an accomplishment which had NEVER happened in the history of the game. Add onto that the fact the Sox were on their way to their first title in 86 years and the suffering of the fanbase had taken on a mythical status after Buckner, Bucky Dent, etc.

    B involved a team which at the beginning of the year was probably viewed by Vegas as one of the 5 least likely champions, a franchise quarterback being unseated by his unknown understudy, and a victory over a great team on its way to dynasty status. B was amazing and I broke a couch when the kick went between the crossbars, but it doesn't quite measure up.

    maybe if B didn't involve the Patriots and Rams as opposed to Red Sox and Yankees it would be closer, but it did and it isn't.

    Both are memorable and great stories any sports city would love to have. There's nothing wrong with #2 when #1 is so great.
  16. CheerforTom

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    Don't forget the fact that the Yankees were one out away from taking the sweep. It's funny, people say that the Sox came back from 3 down with all sorts of reverence, but I don't even think saying that does it justice.

    I love the Patriots way more than I ever will the Sox, but that was one of the best stories of all time, regardless of the sport.

    And yeah, whoever doesn't like "that stupid Jessie song", shame on you :p
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  17. Double G

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    You forgot E, the Dolts winning the Super Bowl.

    With that POS defense, I thought the Chiefs would run the ball down their throats, then I thought the Ravens D would pitch a shutout (they did basically as the traitor kicked FG's instead of Frankenstein throwing TD's), then I thought the Patriots would stomp them into the ground.

    That said, I have to go with D, I never thought they would ever win a World Series in my lifetime....................
  18. Jacky Roberts

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    Red Sox coming back to beat the Yankees and win the World Series and the Pats beating the Rams in the Super Bowl. To this day, I still shake my head over both of them.
  19. gomezcat

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    As well as the above answers, I would add Manchester United scoring twice in the final two minutes to beat Bayern Munich in the 1999 European Cup Final. I would also add the 2003 Rugby World Cup final. It was won by a right footed drop goal from a normally left footed kicker from the left of the posts. I think he was a good twenty odd yards out as well. That was England v Australia.
    The set up was also brilliant. Note that the Aussies know the kick is coming:
  20. richpats

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    Thanks to my personal "blew my mind" moment - 12 men on the field in the closing minutes of a championship game.

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