Which running back could be the odd man out?

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    We can pretty much assume BJGE will likely not be on the roster unless some kind of injury bug hits the team there and they re-sign him off the street at a later date,we need other positions to fill instead of using a roster spot on a #5 RB,I don't even think he could be on the PS

    With that being said I think we draft a RB in one of the middle rounds and that should leave a RB out of NE via either trade or release.

    Fred has another year on his contract and with his experience I would think he stays another season after a dissapointing injury filled 2009

    Faulk now has re-signed for a year so by all indications,he is returning

    That leaves Morris and Maroney

    Will either be left out in the cold or do both stay and a rookie adds to the roster for 5 backs?

    I think there WILL be some moves besides BJGE,I would be a bit surprised if Belichick goes 5 deep at RB again,its time to fill those glaring holes at LB and WR and I figure 4 backs will be it.

    Signing a rookie for uses primarily as a fullback role is another possibility
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  2. mmasterkillah

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    Why are you so confident that we would part ways with BJGE over the older vets?

    I'm not arguing, just wondering if something led you to believe that in particular. I see us parting with either Fred or Sammy due to their mileage and pretty regular injuries.
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    I think there is going to be some twinking on the roster with more holes to be filled elsewhere than usual and since BJGE is a sporadic player at best I think 2010 may be his last here or maybe they release him and sign him later on.

    Would you really keep BJGE and send Morris or Taylor on thier way?

    BJGE has not really played enough to say he is resilient,that would be a gamble,then again keeping him or releasing him for a possible rookie addition is a gamble as well
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  4. stevedogc

    stevedogc Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    thats a tough one. I would have been dead set on getting rid of Morris until I looked at the numbers. Morris has been very consistant, at least when he has played. 4.3, 4.5, 4.7, 4.4 ypc since 2006. And he's got alot less mileage on his legs then Taylor. 688 attempts vs. 2491. And I think Morris is a bit better receiver, although neither one is all that great. And since both are in the final year of their contract their salary shouldnt matter with the uncapped year. I'd still keep Taylor over Morris. If either one is asked to be the full time RB, I think Taylor has the better chance at getting the better numbers. Morris has never really done it yet. Not for a full season. And if we do bring in a mid round rookie, I think he'd learn more from Taylor.
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  5. BillBelichickFan79

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    I wanted both Taylor and Morris gone. I thought we would keep BJGE b/c he played some special teams and he kind of played some FB for us, so it's interesting that you think he'll be gone.

    I'll get bashed for this, but I would rather have LJ at RB than Taylor or Morris. Too bad he signed with Washington.

    Also obviously need to get younger with a guy who is a pass catching threat out of the backfield.

    I want Hardesty.
  6. BradyFTW!

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    I fully expect that Morris is gone. Wouldn't be surprised if Taylor is too. Wouldn't even be shocked if Maroney's out, although that would be a much bigger surprise, IMO, than the other two. Also not expecting BJGE to see his role expanded from last year, but then again I wasn't expecting him to make the final 53 in the first place, and I was a little off on that. Could be that I'm underestimating again, although I do like him as a role player.
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  7. spacecrime

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    It's no gamble to say that Morris and Taylor are NOT resilient. Especially Morris. BJGE has shown nothing to indicate he in injury prone. Morris makes Maroney look like the original Iron Man. Why keep a proven injury-prone player so you can cut a gy who hasn't been hurt because he might someday just maybe get hurt?

    Keep one of Taylor/Morris. Keep Faulk, BJGE and Maroney. Draft a young RB.


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    I have a strong feeling that Ben Tate will be a Patriot by the end of the draft


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    I think the odds of no change at RB from what we have now is about 1%
  10. Patspsycho

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    From what I hear, our binky is supposedly CJ Spiller. I do hope we keep BJGE. He is a no-nonsense north-south runner who is not afraid to bruise. None of that Fred Astaire crap from him.
  11. patsinthesnow

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    BJGE won't be cut. He's the definition of what a player should be 40-53 on the roster. ST contributor and depth at the respectable position.

    Morris is probably gone.
  12. I hope Morris and Taylor are gone.

    I want to see:
    Draft pick
  13. muzz

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    I'm thinking something along these lines as well, these guys just aren't good at staying healthy at all, and I like them BOTH.
    If they both could stay even reasonably healthy I would like our rotation alot.
  14. cupofjoe1962

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    I have a feeling we will end up trading Maroney sometime after the draft
    and before the season starts.

    I believe that Belichick has little faith in Maroney.

    I also think that we would get better value for Maroney after the

    Some team may lose a RB to an injury during camp & they may be willing
    to part with a 2011 pick for Maroney.
  15. Patspsycho

    Patspsycho Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    This makes sense. I don't see how much lower you can get after benching a player in the playoffs. Where do you go after that?
  16. patsinthesnow

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    I honestly don't want Maroney either. But trading him presents a problem.

    Morris and Taylor won't start, too old and too much mileage. Do you trust a rookie to be the starter from day one?

    A risky RB core, but a fresh start could be:

    1. Rookie
    2. BJGE
    3. Faulk (3rd down back)

    Two young guys and reliable Faulk. If Maroney can get a 3rd, I'd trade him.
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    You won't get more than a 5th or 6th for Maroney,He has little value in trade,maybe he would work out better in terms of production for another team but that does not take away his current staus in trade which IMO is low.

    If Belichick values another lower draft pick to dump Maroney,that is the only way I see that happening,I think Maroney finishes out his contract here,plays here in 2010 and is finally gone in 2011.
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  18. cupofjoe1962

    cupofjoe1962 In the Starting Line-Up

    Detroit ?

    San Diego ??

    Seattle ???

    Washington ????

    Cincinnati ?????

    Cleveland ??????

    Houston ????????

    Philadelphia ????????

    Green Bay ?????????
  19. you can't plan an offense with dented cans like Morris and Taylor kicking around........

    a rookie and someone else's dented can can't be any worse
  20. Garbanza

    Garbanza In the Starting Line-Up

    And what a great binky he would be! Spiller would fit this offense perfectly!

    I for one have a dream. A dream that somehow, somewhere, I can trade Maroney for something - ANYTHING - as long as he is no longer a Patriot. I can't stand him.
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