Which post season team concerns you the most?

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  1. Steve:Section 102

    Steve:Section 102 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    All this hand-wringing about Denver had me thinking of the matchups that look like they'd be a problem for New England. The ones that concern me the most, in no particular order:

    Denver: Manning is one of the GOAT's, even if they've played a soft schedule.

    Atlanta: The personnel on offense they have seems to be a difficult match up. Ryan throwing to Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzalez look to be a tough task with our people. I think this is a better team than Houston.

    NY: I know they may not make the "tournament", but that's a mighty big monkey.

    San Fran: Very physical, a big comeback two weeks ago not withstanding.

    I am sort of all over the place with my thinking. I have confidence in Bill to come up with something to pester Manning, but players still have to execute. Any post season team can beat NE, but for the most part, the ones above are the "problems" in my book. I'm interested to read what you guys have to say.
  2. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Seattle, then San Fran. And I'll be thrilled if we see either of them, because it will mean Super Bowl.
  3. Joker

    Joker PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    I look at it this way...which team is most concerned about the Patriots?
  4. fgssand

    fgssand PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Show me a healthy O line, Gronk and of course Brady - then, show me me a healthy Dennard & Talib and I will bet the farm on a Superbowl victory.

    There is NO team in the AFC that will beat us and I think we are better than SF, Seattle, ATlanta and GB ( i didn't even mention the giants as I do not feel they even make the tournament). I do feel that Atlanta is going to New Orleans though.
  5. nabwong

    nabwong PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    The Patriots. It will depend on which O-line shows up. The one that has allowed Brady to be beaten up the past 2 games or the one that allowed him to stand in the pocket like a statue.
  6. I'll second Seattle. After that I'm not convinced that the Pack isn't a bigger threat than either SF or Atlanta. The Pack has been there before, plus they have a chip on their shoulder about how they got bopped last year.

    But nobody seems to be as complete as Seattle except for the rookie factor. Winning regular season games at home is nice, but it's not either the road or the Big Stage.
  7. fnordcircle

    fnordcircle brady plz PatsFans.com Supporter

    No AFC team concerns me. We might lose, sure, but I think if this team plays to its potential we're the best in the AFC.

    Seattle might just be the best team in the league, at this point. Their offense is coming together and that is a hell of a defense. Plus I've remained a Carroll fan dating back to his failed tenure here in NE where I think he got far too much of the blame when Grier's drafting (1997 was a disaster of a draft) and undermining of Carroll's authority had a lot to do with that. That plus Todd Collins letting up against Kordell Stewart instead of knocking him out of bounds...

    I'm not afraid of them, though, because I think there's no question the Patriots will give them their all.

    The Giants will probably be the only team I'm 'scared' of only that losing to them again in the SB would be a life-shortening event.
  8. jsull87

    jsull87 In the Starting Line-Up

    For me AFC it is Denver. They have the best QB out of the teams we would have to face and Manning is experienced against BB's D and our weakness is easily our Pass D and Nickle.

    NFC for me it is Green Bay. Same reason as listed above they have the best QB and offense. This would somewhat negate our strength by putting more pressure on Brady to put up points e.t.c if we fell behind.

    As far as who is playing well at the right time? I don't think anyone in the NFC right now wants to play Seattle. If they somehow wrangle home field away from San Fran i can easily see them in the NFL title game.
  9. TheBostonStraggler

    TheBostonStraggler In the Starting Line-Up

    The team that can send 4 or 5 pass rushers and get to TFB quickly concerns me. The 9ers did that very well.....
    Any team that the Patriots do not let get to Brady (blitz or not) is, imho, going to be handed a loss ((this assumes a healthy Gronk, AH, WW and BL)).
  10. josh24

    josh24 Practice Squad Player

    #12 Jersey

    Right now? The Bengals. It's (probably) our 1st postseason game.

    But in the spirit of the thread, no AFC team worries me more than some NFC teams.
    That defense. Despite a horrible outing last week, it still scares me. If they get Justin Smith healthy, they will a problem. However, I don't think we're gonna make the same mistakes that put us in a 3-31 hole in the 3rd quarter.
    Rodgers and his slew of WRs: J.Jones, Cobb, Jennings & Nelson(if healthy).
    Did anybody see SNF game vs SF? I mean, can Wilson be sacked? He basically made Ahmad Brooks his b****. Good news is that Sherman will probably miss games 'til the SB. I don't think they can make it all the way to the SB on the road without their best defensive player.
  11. josh24

    josh24 Practice Squad Player

    #12 Jersey

    The Broncos. They are absolutely obsessed with the Patriots going to Denver in the Div. round.
  12. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here PatsFans.com Supporter

    #95 Jersey

    broncos...once we get past them...49ers then seattle
  13. sly24

    sly24 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Denver has me worried. That's pretty much the only team in the AFC. SF and SEA a little bit. But I'm confident in a game vs Seattle in a neutral indoor stadium.
  14. supafly

    supafly PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #32 Jersey

    I think this year's NEP team is good enough to compete with, and potentially beat any of the other 11 teams that will be in the postseason tournament.

    I also think that there are about 8-9 of them that could beat us too though, on any particular day if they are able to pressure the QB and limit the possessions (which has been this team's kryptonite for awhile now). That's the beauty and also the heartbreak of the postseason...everyone is pretty good.

    If it were in Foxborough, I'd think that DEN matches up with NE pretty well, but I may actually give them the upper hand out West. They mirror this team pretty well, have a lot of weapons and interchangable parts, a running game, an experienced QB where no deficit is too large to overcome, and a defense that is probably better than ours. They also have been peaking for awhile and will have a decisive home field advantage.

    I still think that NE can beat anyone though, they just have to be able to execute properly and be prepared. I don't think anyone can beat NE when they play to their potential, but that isn't always the case.
  15. gmtaxi27

    gmtaxi27 On the Game Day Roster

    I would have to say Houston.

    Out of all the teams they have the best formula to beat us. They have a very good running back that can control the clock, an aging but still great receiver in Johnson that can stretch the field and beat double teams, and a sick pass rusher that can wreck the game in more ways than one.

    I know we dominated them at Gilette, but know that doesn't always play out in the playoffs. If we do play them again, I expect a much tougher game, especially if its in their house.
  16. ArchAngel007

    ArchAngel007 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    #12 Jersey

    The Patriots themselves...I have a feeling we haven't seen them play to their potential all season long

    OMGWTFJUDD Practice Squad Player

    The first game. Followed by the second game ......etc, etc.
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  18. robbomango

    robbomango In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    To state the obvious: They can beat any one of those PO teams easy it's beating 4 in a row that is a problem or concern.

    A Tough Road: The possible SB roads are much harder than the texans/SF home games. Interesting because 1 or both outings were written off by many fans, now we have 4 such match ups.

    4.SF/GB/Falcons etc...

    Looking Back: They're 3 out of 6 against PO teams with every loss this season being by a small margin. In the biggest loss against SF our QB showed a mental toughness and fight that will probably give many sleepless nights to coaches come playoff time. Especially harbough who looked dumb founded at tie score on the side lines. In short, every game was winnable which makes every playoff game winnable.

    To answer the OP: The broncos because Peyton and Fox both have SB experience which gives a team confidence they can go all the way without 2nd guessing their leaders. Also they are 1 of the healthiest PO teams and have momentum. The Donkeys want revenge and Brady wants to deny them of it, My guess #12 gives us another Manning face.

    They're either going all the way or going down swinging, I'm cool with that. Go Pats...:cool:
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  19. thechris

    thechris Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    This may sound crazy, but I think the BENGALS have a good shot at beating the Pats. I think Dalton & AJ Green are the real deal and they have a damn good defense. Plus, they are being completely overlooked by the national media.

    In the NFC, I think Green Bay, San Fran, Atlanta, & Seattle all pose huge challenges. If the Pats are fortunate enough to make the Super Bowl, they'll have their work cut out for them.

    But, do NOT sleep on the Bengals!
  20. supafly

    supafly PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #32 Jersey

    Cincy has won 6 of their past 7, and in those past 7 games their defense is allowing 12 points per game.

    I think that they'd have to double AJ Green to slow him down some, and hope that Cincy doesn't beat them down the seams. I think they can control the LOS with BJGE, but I also think that their defense is falling under the radar with many.

    I agree that they can pose a challenge, although many will overlook them. The issue remains that pretty much no one can beat NE when they are playing at their best, so it's simply up to them to prepare and execute properly to do so.

    If that happens they can compete with, and potentially beat any team in the NFL.

    I agree with Rob that the problem is winning those games in consecutive fashion, against top level competition with some injuries to important players.
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