Which players go on I.R. for the season?

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  1. MrTibbs

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    By Preseason game 4 you know some guys will be gone for the season or the usual unhurt rookie i.r. job.

    Take 3 guesses each...........

    Oscar Lua MLB

    At least one possible DB so I'd say CB Mike Richardson

    HB RB Justise Hairston

    One of those guys will meet an early seasons end.

    As far as potential vets I'll go with Kyle Brady and then we get to see Dave Thomas tear it up in more of a starting #2 role.
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  2. TheSeymonsta

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    Randall Gay of course.
  3. JoeSixPat

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    Don't players actually have to be injured to go on IR? ;)

    Obviously coming off an injury everyone expects Jackson to be redshirted this season, especially given the depth at WR... but some of his agents comments earlier, as well as the reports coming (I assume) from his agent that he's well ahead of schedule cause me to question whether Jackson intends to "play ball" even if he's not 100%.

    Hopefully they'd come to their senses recognizing that effectively 2 lost seasons is not the worst thing in the world, but one never knows if a players ego or perhaps disgruntled state of mind might cause him to put the team in a situation where they'd cut or trade him (assuming Jackson feels he can be productive elsewhere immediately).

    This is pure speculation on my part but it is backed up by the fact that thus far, Jackson and his agent have not played the role of good soldiers perparing for the IR - and furthermore his agent clearly wants to avoid the perception that his player is injury prone once his initial contract is up.
  4. ctpatsfan77

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    Jackson may end up on IR, but at this point, there's no valid reason for putting him on IR rather than PUP.
  5. patriot lifer

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    a little early to think about IR. But if we must worry, I'm concerned, as we all may be, for a guy like Stallworth and Gay. The guys with the history.

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