Which Pats player will be the 'shocker' cut/release/trade this offseason?

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    We have seen some really shocking cuts/trades/releases over the past few years,seems it started with Seymour and every year a player who is considered by most a lock to make the team is traded or cut or released.

    Some were talking about Cunningham getting cut,to me that would not be a shocker as he has simply not performed consistently well as a pass rusher that we all hoped he would .

    Deaderick was not a shock to me,may be a bit surprising,but not a shock....but we will likely see another player during the summer be gone and who will 'shock' us.

    I'll go with Tommy Kelly as my surprise cut,I think he will struggle to learn the system and our defense as a vet who has played with only one team and for a long time.

    Your pick?.....
  2. Palm Beach Pats Fan

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    To be a shock it would have to be someone who has been a starter and regular contributor.

    If an interior O-lineman is banged up all throughout camp, given our youth movement there, I can imagine a vet displaced, even a super well-regarded guy like Mankins. I don't think it's likely though.

    Could Ninkovich be a guy who finds himself in trouble? I doubt that too, but depth & youth could pose a challenge.

    Dead money situations would have to play a factor too, and I didn't look that up.
  3. I could see Talib being cut if Dennard, Ryan, Dowling, Harmon, T. Wilson all show well in camp and he isn't giving it 110% everyday.
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    Brandon Spikes to be traded
  5. Horace's Ivories

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    Slater traded
  6. I don't think he would have much more than a 7th round value at best.
  7. Uncle Rico

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    I'll go Adrian Wilson.
  8. xlcjw72

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    I know some people arnt high on mankins but cutting him would be a mistake he protects brady not by just blocking but by when someone cheap shots brady mankins is the first one there to knock there head off you need him


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    It could be considered a shock if a player is on the team which lacks quality depth in that position....I really don't think depth at backup DL is that high of quality along the DL
  10. You'd only cut a guy like Mankins to save money which because of how his contract is setup this year wouldn't happen so other than Brady Mankins is probably the second most unlikely to be cut.
  11. Love is a quality back up to Wilfork at NT and if Armstead lives up to the hype him at DT with Kelly as his backup is a nice grouping.
  12. PatsWickedPissah

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    BB's son cut from the coaching staff for lack of continued performance improvement.

    Next up, his mom.


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    Armstead is getting a lot of love (no pun intended to your post) before he even takes a snap here....I am not so confident he will be as great a pickup and game changer as many think in here...we shall see
  14. Synovia

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    Cutting Mankins means cutting a good-to-great vet and getting absolutely nothing back. His contract is structured in such a way that there's essentially no cap relief in cutting him. IE, its not happening.
  15. Armchair Quarterback

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    If Cannon (or anybody else) competes for and wins the RG guard job and Wendell keeps his grip on the Center position Connolly would be an expensive backup.
  16. Fencer

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    Marcus Cannon?

    An OL who only plays one position, and isn't a starter.
  17. dales804

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    Cut/Release: Edelman (injuries spell the end for him. Disclosure: I like JE and this is just a guess).

    Trade: Spikes, though I hope not. I like the attitude he brings despite lacking coverage skills.

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    But the question is, which cut would suprise you :cool:
  19. BradyFTW!

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    For one, Seymour doesn't count, since he wasn't released. He was traded for a first-round pick. There are a lot of guys on this roster that I think Belichick would gladly give up for a crappy team's first rounder.

    Assuming that we're just talking about released, there are a few guys who would surprise me, but at the same time I think it's at least remotely plausible (obviously not going to list guys like Brady, Mayo, Wilfork).

    In this case, the standard that I'm using is that it's a veteran who has been a capable starter, and for whom we have no clear replacement, to the point that the team is mad clearly worse this year by his not being there. Think Sanders/Meriweather, etc. I don't think any new guys really count in this respect, so I won't be including Kelly, Blount, or Adrian Wilson, even though I could see any/all of them getting the axe. I don't expect any of these guys to get cut, obviously, but if they did it would fit the bill:

    Spikes - Of the guys on my list, this one would qualify most as a shocker. If he shows up out of shape after not participating in OTAs, and Hightower soundly outplays him as a MLB while Collins excels as an OLB, I guess it could happen. I still just don't see it, but it wouldn't make any less sense to me than cutting Meriweather and Sanders, only to end up starting JAGs like Barrett and Ihedigbo.

    Ninkovich - would have to get outplayed by Collins and Cunningham to the point that Belichick didn't see fit to keep him around.

    Wendell - Connolly beats him out on positional flexibility, so he'll have some competition if the Pats go and sign a RG.

    Tavon Wilson - would be a bit of a shock to see a second round pick get cut in his second year, but if he shows no progress and Harmon looks good, then who knows.

    Talib - this place would erupt, and it would royally **** the CB depth chart, but I guess it could happen if he morphs into a total headcase.

    Mankins would make my list as well, if not for the fact that the cap hit makes cutting him completely pointless. Realistically, the cap won't allow cutting him for at least another year, even if that's the direction that the Pats are slightly/moderately inclined to look in. The only way it happens is if he becomes such a disruption that they don't even care that his cost is just about entirely sunk.
  20. BradyFTW!

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    His ability to back up 3 positions is pretty valuable, though.

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