Where does this stuff come from?

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    This from Dan Banks on SI.com:

    What a load of B.S. This is entirely irresponsible journalism. The only thing that is feeding the perception that Belichick is looking to leave is idiots like Don Banks who insist on feeding the perception.

    Don, if Belichick was looking for one last hurrah, why trade a first rounder into 2008? How could that possibly help? And, exactly what about the Moss trade makes you think that he's sacrificing the future for one last run at it? The fact that he gave up a 4th rounder? Yeah, I can see how that's pretty steep for a once-in-a-generation talent.

    Belichick has been working for years to put the Pats in a position where they can afford to make deals like this, accumulating a depth of talent at all positions, saying no to players like Milloy, Law and Branch to manage the cap space, putting a coaching and scouting team together, stockpiling draft picks to leverage when the opportunity presents, and accumulating a veteran core that has the resiliency to tackle a headcase like Moss and feel that they can actually tame him, and the professional credibility that would convince Moss to renegotiate his contract. None of that comes easily.

    Belichick knows that this is a Golden Age for football in Foxboro, and it's a wave largely of his own making. Why would he bail now, just when things are getting really interesting? He knows, better than anyone, the team's future is brighter now than it has ever been. "One last hurrah" is absolutely preposterous.
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    speculation beacuse we just spent a lot this offseason and they dont realize we also have tried to..remember Colvin-Harrison..we tried Mason-Rolle..but hey its how they try to make their money..i wouldnt listen to any of it
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    I completely agree. ESPN is trying to push this garbage as well. The fact is, Belichick continues to build this team with a long term focus. Getting Randy Moss was a no-brainer, since it cost a low pick and was for a discounted contract. It's not like he splurged with high picks or big money. There are too many irresonsible and lazy journalists who simply make up stuff in the press.
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    I agree that it's doo doo also.

    He would have a very difficult time duplicating the situation he has here, anywhere. Kraft is the best owner to work for by far.

    If Belichick does do anything, he may retire from coaching and take a more executive role with the team. But I can't picture that.

    If he was looking for a challenge, then why sign all the free agents?

    He could have found a challenge by trying to build the team back up through the draft, right?

    I find it all pretty silly.
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    Once they sign Lance Briggs I will wonder. Till then, why save all the picks for next year if you are going. Moss wanted to come here. The Patriots didn't go after him :D

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