Where can I watch/listen to the Pats game on the train?

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by blair.harrington, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I'll be on a train during the Pats/Cardinals game this Sunday. I may or may not have a laptop with me during the trip, but I will have my Iphone with me.

    What are my options in terms of catching the game online to watch or listening in on my iphone? Does anyone know for sure where I can watch or listen to the game using either my phone or laptop?

    Thanks for your answers. I should point out I don't know if I will have internet access with my laptop on the train, so I might not bring it with me.

  2. jmt57

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    Off the internet there are a few sites such as channelsurfing.net that will provide links on Sunday to either watch or listen to the game.
  3. woolster22

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    If your in the Ma area splurge on a walk-man type radio deal that you could listen to with headphones and tune to 104.1...other than that, channelsurfing or other sites. Search around the forum and you can find threads with links to sites to watch/listen to the pats.

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