Where are the feminists..?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by QuiGon, Oct 5, 2006.

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    You know what I love most about the NAGs..? Is how willingly and joyfully they shut their traps when a Democrat is accused of sexual harassment or being a supporter of rapists. There is 1,000 times more evidence that Clinton is far more guilty than Clarence Thomas ever was of "indiscretions", yet the NAGs are only too happy to say nothing. I guess they feel resisting only makes it worse...? Now they are keeping their traps shut regarding Deval Patrick and his support of getting a convicted rapist free from jail on probation.

    Ya know, I am thinking of registering as a Democrat. It's like getting a license to abuse women and get away with it... too bad my personal level of morality prevents me from doing anything like that or treating women as objects like Clinton, Kennedy and Patrick do... after all, what's the big deal about a 59 year old woman being raped and tortured for 8 hours..? Get over it, losers..!! Ben LaGuer is a "thoughtful, insightful, eloquent (and) humane" individual, right guys..?
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    They're nothing now, the people know what phony's they are, Juanita Broderick (Clinton Rape Victim) said the feminist movement made her ashamed of being a women.

    They Idolize Uncle Teddy, that shows you what they really are.

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