When will the Colts franchise Freeney?

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  1. MrBigglesWorth

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    After Asante getting franchised, my thoughts have gone to the Colts and their impending loss of some good free agents. There will be some good questions coming up with the Colts. I imagine they will franchise freeney, but in doing so which, if not most, free agents will they lose? Who will restructure to make the contract work? How accomodating will Freeney be? Is he waiting to drive up his price by getting teams like the Packers in the midst who are rumored to want to go defense? How much cap space do the Colts have to clear to keep Freeney and also sign their draft picks? The Colts look like they will NOT be able to add any free agents. So the only talent that will be added is through the draft.

    So with all this.... could there be even a small possibility with the Colts not franchising Freeney because of the salary cap position they are in. Is one player worth so much more than keeping 3-4 other players?

    I imagine they will Franchise him to even let's say trade him like the Pats and Asante.
  2. satz

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    manny moved his salary to a bonus and saved them 8 million this year. this is going to goto freeney.
  3. MoLewisrocks

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    As Miguel has posted in numerous threads the Colts will be fine in the short term simply by restructuring deals which they do anyway. The Manning restructure alone (converting his $10M roster bonus to signing bonus and amortizing it) will free up the Freeney tag money. They will do other restructures and cut some apparenty dead wood like Simon to free up more. It likely won't be enough to keep all their FA's, but who does? They are seldom players in the FA market, and last time out they were burned on Simon. I think they will eventually get a deal done with Freeney because Polian spends whatever it takes to retain his top three or four talents (Manning, Harrison, Wayne and the lone bonafide star on defense Freeney) and just slaps it on the old credit card. When the long term deal is done with Dwight his cap hit will likely be closer to half the tag for this season.
  4. VJCPatriot

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    The Colts can't afford to lose Freeney. I expect the tag is just a matter of time. Until they can sign him longterm.
  5. everlong

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    Pollian said on espn radio that they will franchise him and if they cannot work out a long term deal he'll play under the tag. I think he's over-rated so I hope he plays under the tag since that will tie up cap dollars.
  6. MrBigglesWorth

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    The question we all don't know...is how accomodating will Freeney be? Sure he could play under the franchise tag for this year and subsequent years. But a team like the Packers could drive up the price.
  7. FreeTedWilliams

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    The fact that they haven't franchised him yet, most likely is a good sign for the Colts. Meaning that they feel that they are close to an agreement on a long term contract before the Feb 22 deadline, so they are waiting before using their "franchise" tag.


    I sure Miguel knows, but maybe the legaue will not let you slap a franchsie tag on a player until you actually have enough cap room to pay the franchise salary. That would mean that the Colts have to get Peyton's contract restrucuring approved by the legaue before they can tag him.

    Either way, I can't see the Colts letting him get to Free Agency. Because thye Colts have shown in the past, that once their players make it to free agency, they have no plans on re-signing him.
  8. Miguel

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    Not true. Teams can make moves that will put them over the 2007 cap until the 2007 League Year actually begins on March 2 which is why that is OK that the Panthers and Redskins were over the 2007 cap sometime this year.
  9. solman

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    They'll definitely franchise him, but once they do, they'll only have enough cap room for draft picks and emergencies.

    Unless they do some MASSIVE restructuring (i.e. mortgage the team's future), they are going to have to say good bye to Dominic Rhodes, Cato June, Rob Morris, Nick Harper, Dan Klecko and many more.

    While San Diego and the Patriots have the cap space to improve in 2007, I think that Indy is going to have to struggle just to reach the playoffs (I'll pick them to get a wild card). Looking beyond 2007, its more of the same. Lots of cap space tied up in their offensive stars, while their competition improves.

    If I was Polian, I'd be tempted to mortgage the future for a final super bowl run in 2007. What would stop me is the 2007 FA market, which sucks.
  10. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    It worked for the Ravens, came up a yard short for the Titans. Both teams say it was worth it.

    But if I were the Colts, yeah, go I'd go for broke to get that back-to-back. They are riding momentum and this is their best shot. If nothing else, two Colts superbowls will dilute a lot of the Patriots dynasty talk, which has to grate on Polian.
  11. Digger44

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    Oh no not Dan Klecko. What shall they do? He will demand such a high price tag. Maybe we could sign him to a big contract, we have the cap space.
  12. AndyJohnson

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    I'd let him walk if I were the Colts.
    They won by getting away from what Freeny is there to do: rushing the QB with no regard to the running game.
    I know the Colts will never be a 2gap run stopping oriented D, but i think they are moving off the extreme.
    To have both Freeny and Mathis as undersized rush only ends would mean the plan is to replicate the team they built that allowed all those rushing yards in the regular season.
    My impression is the Colts learned that won't work, and won by going away from it. I think roster construction will follow.
    I don't see them going to 300 lb DEs and 260 lb LBs like us, but I think they will try to make the roster come closer to fitting th escheme they played in the playoffs, where the scheme didn't really fit the players but worked anyway.

    My guess is they are too entrenched in that base thinking to not see freeney as a need player, so they will keep him, but other moves will reslut in them getting bigger and more stout vs the run. I'd start by letting Freeny walk, they won't.
  13. solman

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    As a former Pat (who I liked) he gets an automatic shout out. :)
  14. RayClay

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    The Colts won the bowl with a few play makers and a bunch of Jags on defense. Dungy and Polian expect to get a lot out of a little on D and they have done it successfully.

    Like any other team, that D might come up short, much as the Patriots had to struggle at WR for a season and delay rebuilding their D.

    I'm a "defense win's championships" guy, but having a system and sticking to it is paramount. Only a few NFL teams can do it.

    As long as the Colt's can slap together an adequate D for the playoffs, they'll have enough money to pay the offense.
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  15. Peytonsbetter

    Peytonsbetter On the Game Day Roster

    Freeney will sign a long-term deal eventually. There was a nasty rumor going around at the start of the season that he wanted to be the highest paid defensive player in the league with his new deal. However, with the year he had, I suspect that his price lowered somewhat. But, then again, who knows? He made an impact in the Super-Bowl with numerous Grossman hurries, one of which resulted in an int, and a fumble recovery.

    Rhodes will not be resigned. His replacement will be either Mungro or will come in the draft. IMO, he will not be missed. He's far to brittle to be a feature back. He has a chronic shoulder condition in which his shoulder pops out of the socket very easily. Thats not good.:(

    Diem will not be resigned. He was injured for most of the year and his backup, Charlie Johnson, actually played better, IMO.

    I hope we resign Klecko, but I doubt that will happen. Nick Harper earned a pay-raise with his play in the postseason so, he likely won't be back. Its time to see what Tim Jennings, last years 2nd round pick, is made of. He was mysteriously absent for most of the season so, hopefully, he's not a bust.

    Cato June- for most of the year I just assumed that he wouldn't be resigned but, lately I've been hearing rumors to the contrary. First off, I have no idea where we'd get the cap space and secondly, I believe Tyjuan Hagler would be just as good or better. Therefore, I hope those rumors are false. Rob Morris will be capably replaced by Freddie Kieaho. With Kieaho and Hagler, I believe we have 2 very good young linebackers.

    Finally, Bill Polian is our gm so, anything is possible. I'll start to worry if and when he skips town b/c then I'll know we're in cap hail. Until then, it's all good.:D

    Seriously, these are all just my opinions, as a Colt's fan. I could very well be wrong on all of 'em.:D
  16. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Your board name is based on a fallacy, but most of the rest of your post is on point. Especially like the realization that when BP leaves you understand what is coming...

    I think you guys will do OK by normal league standards, probably make the playoffs, but you won't be the pre superbowl era Colts in 2007 and have to hope the slippage doesn't deepen when in all liklihood Tony exits in 2008. You can plug the holes to some extent, but you will be thinner than ever and the injury bug will likely start biting a little harder than ever following a 20 game season. It got you a little more last year only you really only needed Sanders and even then only for 4-5 games.

    As BB says the problem with the NFL is if you aren't getting better you're getting worse. Saw that with us the last two seasons when even though we made some additions they weren't impact players and some of our impact players developed durability issues (or left in pairs like Branch and Givens) while a few of our promising draft picks got dinged up. And I think guys do get complacent - it's human nature.

    It's a tough league to get better in from where we sit. And you've only got 2 day one picks, last in the first and third rounds, to do it with (and maybe another in comp for Edge). And not much cap space for veteran help in an overheated market (forget impact FA's as Polian is still stinging from getting sucked into the Simon signing and you are set at PC for a while).

    First defense of title season is the hardest, so we'll naturally be anxious to see how you fare. Pittsburgh turtled, but that was predictable what with Ben's makeup and the fact that they were trying to play somewhat out of character - as were you. Hard to maintain out of character for more than a few games in succession. ;)

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