When the schedule first came out...

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  1. ddell1

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    I looked at where the pats would probably have losses. (I was not a homer who thought 19-0!) I thought we would lose 5-6 games. At chargers, At Indy, At Jets, At Bills and either Steelers or Denver. (Keep in mind that this was before the season started when TFB was the QB for the season.) I was not happy with the result on sunday because I thought the Pats lost the game and Indy did not "win" if you will. However this was, in my opinion, expected. I think that the team is defininatly headed in the right direction and guess what.....we are entering November and December. As we all know, when the weather gets cold, BB's teams get better. I am happy with the state of Patriots Nation! The next 4 weeks are huge to how the Pats will fair this year. I for one am confident in what we have done and what we can do. Keep the faith. In BB we trust!

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    Re: When the schedule first came out....

    I'm excited for the 2nd half. A bit nervous because missing the playoffs seems like a major possibility, but I have faith in the team.
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    Re: When the schedule first came out....

    On Sunday, we were defeated by the Colts. The Pats played a bit better (approx. +50% of the vote) (sorry, I am watching election returns) than I thought they would as a team, and underplayed in coaching (-30% of the vote), and played poorly in only 2-3 plays which cost them dearly (-20% of vote). To suggest a dropped pass or a referees flag for a bonehead penalty, thus the Pats "losing" that game, overlooks the fact that the majority of their other play was better than expected (QB etc.). Even though the Colts appeared vulnerable, the won the game on a gutsy coaching decision and with a late 52 yd FG that was straight and true.
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  4. PowerAlley.com

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    Re: When the schedule first came out....

    This season reminds me of the old years with Bledsoe at QB. You never really knew what we had to later in the year. I think the team will improve. Im excited about some of the kids showing promise. We needed some youth and speed.
    I am disappointed that Peyton made it through that game practically untouched. If they can find a CONSISTENT pass rush, this team will make the playoffs. (Presuming Cassell and the kids keep improving)
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    Re: When the schedule first came out....

    The only theme I did not like from Sunday nite was the ineffectiveness of the Pats to get pressure on Manning, especially against an O-line that has been changing parts all season. Otherwise, there were many positivies to take from this game moving forward. I would've liked to have seen 6-2, but if someone told me Cassel would be in before the 1st quarter of the KC game was over, I would have gladly taken 5-3. The Bills games don't quite look as tough as they did 2 weeks ago, the West Coast swing now looks very favorable. The Miami game is shaping up as a tougher one, along with Pitt. Go Pats!
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    Not the same I know but for persepctive the 2001 NEP were 5-5 and coming off a loss to their eventual Superbowl victims in mid November 2001 in what at the time was a the most competitive division in the AFC (produced 2 of the 3 WC teams). They reeled off 6 in a row, took the division from 11-5 Miami on a tie breaker, and the rest as they say...

    With Brady the division was never in doubt. HFA was probably not seriously in doubt. But as we found out last season nothing in football is guaranteed even with Brady. If we can win 10 or more games in a season when Brady was projected to win 13 or more but was lost in the first quarter of week 1, we're in a lot better shape across the board than 31 other teams...

    I think Miami has an easier shot at double digit wins schedule wise even at 4-4 than the JETS or Buffalo. I see 3-4 losses looming for our enemies to the north and immediate south.

    Tennessee looks to have a lock on HFA. Pittsburgh looks to have 11-12 W's within reach but 11 will win that division and their 6-2 first half was rather ugly so what we need to do to control our own fate is go 6-2 in the second half while making sure that 4 of those 6 wins include one of the Buffalo games, NY here, Miami there and Pittsburgh here. If we do that anything more than a split of the remaining 4 games (@Buffalo, @Seattle, @ Oakland, AZ) becomes gravy. And I think we could take 3 if not all of that 4 with the crown on Ralph Wilson's field my only concern (adjusting to it got Brady early in his career). Seattle is a mess, Oakland is a joke, and Kurt Warner outdoors in the cold north east in December doesn't phase me.
  7. neuronet

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    You thought they would lose to the Bills even with Tom Brady?

    Ack come on now. :confused:
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