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When Kerry Lost

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Dec 15, 2009.

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    Kerry's Holywood Wife Swappers.
    It is a wonderful grand and great feeling to wake up in the morning, stretch, yawn, then scratch anything that itches and realize that out in the depraved land of Hollywood the likes of “Rotten Whoopi” “The Shrieking Noise Maker Striesand” “Face Lift Cher” and “Foul Mouth Pig” Rosie O’Donnell are all on the verge of nervous breakdowns.
    These degenerates are slowly coming to realize that they HELPED George W Bush get re-elected to be our President for the next four years.

    The American people are disgusted with these Actors and Clowns and the garbage they feed our children. The fact that they, the arrogant purveyors of immorality, the anything goes dirt bags, may be in large responsible for re-electing the man they so hate.

    Many have ruined their careers with their Anti American, Bush Hating bullsh!t.
    Susan Sarandon can’t get fifteen people to go and watch one of her “crap” movies, their hatred for GW Bush “backfired” on them.

    Some of them threaten to leave America, who the hell cares, good riddance, but as you will notice, none of them leave.
    “Crater Face” Robert Redford claimed he was moving to Ireland if Bush won, the Irish said, go somewhere else, we don’t want you, so he is staying. The “Tub Of Sh!t” Michael Moore said he was headed for France, he also said he was going to “take a bath” if Kerry won, but nobody has seen him since the election, maybe he climbed into a dumpster and slipped into a coma.

    “Face Lift Cher” went into hysterics when the war hero, John “Fonda” Kerry conceded, she had a big “Hollywood Sex Party” all planned, it was to be a three day “Drug And Orgasm Binge” “Tub Of Sh!t Moore” had planned on taking his Bath at this party and have it filmed for his new “Crap Movie”.

    The VIP GUEST of this “Hollywood Orgy” was none other than “Uncle Teddy Kennedy” himself, the Chappaquidick Life Guard, he was supposed to waddle in wearing a “Vote For Kerry” tee shirt and a Michael Moore baseball hat.
    After several Vodka Martinis and a couple of Joints, Uncle Teddy and Madeleine Allbright were going to Copulate on top of “Wax Face” Cher’s piano while Whitney Huston snorted coke and sang “We Shall Overcome”. Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno had planned to make a “Porno Movie” out in the pool to the music of D Diddy Daddy Suck Dop.

    Susan Sarandon was going to come in costume, dressed as a Condom. Robin Williams was going to wear a “God Sucks” tee shirt…..

    Then, “oh Jesus” something happened to spoil this “gathering of the scum” ----GEORGE W BUSH WON—

    When the news spread that the “Left Wing War Hero” had lost the election these “Sodomites” were shocked, how could it be possible. How dare the American People do this to us, we will all pack up and leave the country, we will show them.

    Hollywood still doesn’t get it, they themselves helped Bush win, just by supporting John “Fonda” Kerry.

    Rodney King once said, “Why Can’t We All Get Along”, then he went home and broke both of his wife’s legs.

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