When AD's on the edge, the middle of our D is soft

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    I really didn't think that the Pats would move AD outside and after lats nights perfomance, I hope they have the sense to bring in back inside for the Pitt game.
    The whole interior of our defence was soft last night and it almost seemed as though we were playing a man short. The reality here folks is that Teddy has lost a step and is not the player he was 4 years ago. Junior is 38! Nuff said. Both these guys are warriors and still have a good deal left in the tank, when utilized properly.
    Move AD back inside and try to get something from Pierre Woods on the outside. if we are that thin at outside linebacker, where the second stringer, doesn't play when the guy in front of him goes down, there has been a significant front office failure in this vital area.
    The middle of our D was terrible last night and both Boller, and the week before Feeley, looked like Joe Montana out there. Very little defensive pressure and I can't recall if we got more than 1 sack the last two games combined.
    Moving AD back inside will go a long way to shoring up the D.
    Just one mans opinion.

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