What's up with all this Brady is declining crap??

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Archeryaddict12, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Archeryaddict12

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    Brady isn't declining. Brady is looking bad because its the oline. 20 sacks allowed in 7 games. We gave up 27 all last year. This offense is not failing by rookie receivers, no amendola or vereen. It's failing because of the offense of line. Why don't you guys get it. They let Brady get smashed this year, leading to 2 fumbles this game. Brady obviously is going to gronk because he has no faith in this offensive line. He is trying to hit a big target he knows that can usually be reliable. He doesn't have the time to hit Dobson, thompkins or Edelman deeper.

    The obvious problem in my eyes is the oline. They can't help Brady and this offense. And when your oline can't play, it trickles down the offense. We drive with no huddle because it keeps the defense down. It wears them out. That's why Tom is able to drive.

    Ignore all this wr and Brady crap. It's the oline clearly failing IMO. The more Tom gets hit, the worse its gonna get. Because eventually, he will get hit too hard.

    Oline has to step up, otherwise, we are gonna have offensive issues of Tom doesn't get time. Plain and simple. The day the oline improves will be the day Tom and the offense will put up points.

    Sorry for the rant and new thread, but if the oline gets its head straight, we will be a force.
  2. upstater1

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    hear, hear. good post

    If Brady went from his best year ever to his worst in the span of months, it will be the biggest decline in history.

    Just use your brain and realize that he hasn't looked good because of a variety of factors.

    The INT was horrific play from him--but it's not like we've never seen him do that before.

    As for the rest, the Jets D-line really rattled him. You could tell. When the DL gets on Brady, he has an answer half the time, and half the games he doesn't.

    Today he let himself get rattled.

    He'll turn it around, he always does.

    Dobson played well today. That's good.
  3. Archeryaddict12

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    The int was on him, I don't deny it, but the oline is failing at protecting him. How can we expect a 36 year old QB to take all these hits and have confidence. If the oline doesn't correct it, Brady will get worse because of it.
  4. BSR

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    He's making more bad decisions then he ever has before. He is making poor throws then he ever has before.

    I don't know if he is declining or not, but he isn't playing like his normal self right now.
  5. BadMoFo

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    I predict we will destroy the Dolphins next week and the Jets will lose to the Bengals and all will be right in the world.
  6. Big-T

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    So now it's the OLs fault Brady is making poor reads & poor passes?

    The rookies got the blame to start off, now they can't be blamed anymore move onto the OL - there's one constant in mediocre play so far this year (bar the final minute last week) and unfortunately that's #12.

    Stop trying to make excuses, the OL has been bad but that doesn't mean anything when they give him 5+ seconds in the pocket and Brady overthrows a wide open receiver, does it?
  7. FCB02062

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    Brady can't complete a pass over 20 yards in the air...he's not declining?
  8. Archeryaddict12

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    And the common denominator= oline giving up pressure every week. The averaging about 3 sacks a game, and then pressures. Brady doesn't have to time to make a play. He has to get it out. It's the oline. Dobson was phenomenal, caught basically every catchable pass. If we want to succeed, the oline has to step up.
  9. Dufflebagz

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    The o-line hasn't been having a great season, but they are not responsible for all of Brady's problems. If you can't see Brady consistently missing open receivers with little to no pressure (even on short passes, the deep ball has never been his strong point), then you clearly aren't watching the same Pats game everyone else is. While the o-line was dominated for most of the game, they have not been THAT bad this season. I'm not convinced Brady is declining, but he's definitely having a sh***y season.
  10. Archeryaddict12

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    The blame doesn't go on the rooks, I agree. But why not call out the oline? They have been awful. When you don't trust your protection, its going to trickle down the offense. Look at the 2007 Super Bowl loss. Brady wasn't great, because of pressure.

    The oline is clearly failing in my eyes. We all know when Tom is pressured, he gets flustered. That's what's happening.
  11. Archeryaddict12

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    I am not blaming the oline for all of the issues fellas, but many of them are coming from the oline.
  12. IcyPatriot

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    There were plays I had time to go make a sandwich before he threw it. He's still excellant but he's just not a super hero anymore.
  13. Brady_to_Moss

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    He is going to decline sooner or later no? Will he always be the Brady we once knew/know?

    Because his deep balls are getting worse and worse. Not even close to on point and i don't want to hear the rookie WR excuse.

    The real question is...will 90% of fans here ever admit it when it's happening? Because i don't think so
  14. Claremonster

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    Because he IS declining! :mad:

    Don't let your lying eyes deceive you...
  15. MassPats38

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    Does Brady look as good as he ever has? No. Is he declining? I wouldn't bet on it.

    Right now, he is a leader of an offense that has been completely overhauled. He has to think before he throws, not simply put the ball at the right point on the field at a designated time. If you add one piece, the system is fine. Replace the whole engine, and things become unpredictable.

    2006 had continuity, with the complaint being one missing piece. This is the whole offense, and the continuity is the running game only.

    Is he making more mistakes? Yes. But all those 'easy' passes that just seemed to flow last year required an offense on the same page (i.e., continuity) that could operate seamlessly at high speed. That isn't there. Pass take longer to develop, which means line flaws become more apparent. Take away all the drops, and his numbers are not all that different from his averages.

    The notion that a great QB can just show up with any offense and make it run is crap. This is teaching the trade to rookie wideouts, which as some noted long ago is not an easy process and likely not to look close to last year's offense. With all that goes into the passing game, it is generally not a good idea to make a QB think before every pass. I suspect there may be some of that now, and that will throw a QB's game off.

    If you believe Brady is declining, then what QB could take his place with all the new parts and make this offense run? If you cannot name one, then the answer is the situation is affecting Brady, not vice versa. I expect he would look no different with the same players on the offense last year.
  16. hovis

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  17. MassPats38

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    Do you remember 2002 and the "gloves on" and "gloves off" debate? He wasn't very good and/or accurate with the long ball then.

    He will decline. The question is do QBs fall off a cliff like RBs (e.g. Shaun Alexander) or do they slowly fade? Do you believe Brady went from great to mediocre in one year based on this decline?
  18. Claremonster

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    What you just said makes NO sense at all...

    Did you NOT see missed balls going all over the field? :confused:

    I sure did.

    Brady isn't entirely at fault, but, he absolutely contributed to losing today.
  19. Wrath Mania

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    The thing is, he still has a good arm, I don't see much evidence for physical decline, save for accuracy, but is that more a mechanical thing? It's his decision making that has been really bad.

    Declining? No, I wouldn't say that yet. An awful season so far? I think that's hard to argue.
  20. Shed83

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    Well in the 2 match-ups he threw as many TDs for the jets as he did for the pats.

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