What's the best way to get tickets to Lambeau?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by CAPatriotsFan, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. CAPatriotsFan

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    Hey everyone...

    I am visiting my friend in Michigan the weekend the Pats are in Green Bay. I am actually going to the Notre Dame/Army game, but if I can get tickets, I am staying an extra day and making a trip up to Lambeau. Do you guys have any good advice for getting tickets. I don't care about location... I just care about attending.

    Thanks in advance!!

  2. dryheat44

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    I'm thinking of going also. StubHub had quite a few for sale. They're not cheap. But by November, the Packers might be 0-9, so some more might become available.
  3. borg

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    Just buy a case of beer and a box of brats and hang out in the parking lot. Seriously, just keep checking Stubhub daily. Often cheap tix will appear from sellers who just want to break even. And check out the Sports Guy's most recent article featuring Lambeau...a funny read.
  4. Crowpointer

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    I'm going. I picked my tickets on Ebay already. I use patriots ticket prices as a guage of what I will pay. My tickets at Gillette are $125 so I will spend in that ballpark. I bought 4 together for $600 17 rows off the field in the endzone. The face was $54...ouch. I think so many pats fans are going to this game (we have only played a regular season game there(Lambeau not Milwaukee) once in 1979 and won't play there again for 8 years) that prices will hold pretty firm regardless of the Packers record. If you want to try another route there is a pretty good webisite that tells you about getting tickets and tailgating ect. http://www.packersgameday.com/index.htm
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  5. JFP

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  6. PatsWorldChamps

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    ebay. night before. face or VERY close.
  7. CAPatriotsFan

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    Thanks everyone for the replies. I have a couple feelers out there... One thing that looks the most promising, is that I post on a music message board that exchanges, for the most part, concert tickets. I put out a post looking for Pats/Pack tix, and someone replied. He's a season ticket holder. He's not sure if they'll be available, but I may be able to get them for face.

    Thanks for the advice!!!

  8. MikeUMA

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    Hi guys. Long time Pats fan here, first time poster.

    I have 4 tickets to the Pats/Pack game that I have to sell. I intended to go, but family events have come up and I can't make the trip anymore.

    I have them up on eBay now, listed at their face value. Club seats with lots of amenities. Much better than the plain steel benches throughout the main stadium.

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