What to do with my AFCCG tickets?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Tunescribe, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Tunescribe

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    I wonder if there's a collector's market for tickets to championship games never played ...

    Oh, what a cruel twist of fate having Pittsburgh eliminate the Colts and us losing a chance to host the title game because of %$#@ turnovers! Who'd a thunk? It's even sunny and warm out today, which would've been nice since snow wouldn't matter against the Steelers anyway. In the immortal words of Nancy Kerrigan, "Why ... ? Why ... ?" :confused: :mad: :bricks:
  2. fgssand

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    I tore mine up in about a thousand little bits of confetti last Sunday night and took my short two mile drive over to Gillette and watched those scraps of broken 2005 dreams float away..........As they floated off into the breeze they hovered over previous banners won and seemed to call out that next year the dynasty will be restored to it's rightful place.
  3. Murphys95

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    Keep 'em! Bury them away in a junk drawer, or box 'em up with other Patriots memorabilia, and who knows, maybe 25 years from now you'll be happy you kept them. Time heals all wounds.

    Recently moved and found these tickets - I was astounded that I still had them. The games were never played in Foxboro. Darn glad I kept 'em.
  4. AStack75

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  5. Bill's Girl

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    You see stuff like that every now and then on Ebay! A couple of weeks ago I saw some things for the Super Bowl 38 winning..........Carolina Panthers!

    I would keep them Tune, so next year at this time you will laugh about how rotten looking at them made you feel!
  6. shakadave

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    I have a ticket to Red Sox - A's Game 5 1990 in Oakland that was never played, and also Red Sox - A's Game 7 at Fenway 1988 never played. Normally a Pats ticket has been a safer bet! I seriously put the Pats as the favorites to win Super Bowl 41.

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