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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

  2. condon84

    condon84 In the Starting Line-Up

    What is the general reaction of everyone up in NE?

    I work in DC and everyone that I've talked to have said that it was a dumb move. I also thought it was a terrible call. No matter how you look at it, going for a fourth down try in your own 28 yard line, up by 6 with two minutes left is not a good move. I've heard analysts try to convince everyone else that it was a good move, but to me, those guys are just being contrarians.

    I found myself unable to defend Belichick when talking to my co-workers which is funny because even when he got caught cheating, I somehow convinced myself that it was justified (everybody was doing it rationale) and staunchly defended our coach. This however, was just dumb and I can't defend it.
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  3. BradyManny

    BradyManny Pro Bowl Player

    What a joke - if the ref made the right call, they'd all be talking about how gutsy Belichick is.

    Look, Belichick could've punted the ball, and the defense could've very well likely coughed up the game anyway. No one would've been talking about Belichick's coaching decision.

    What BB did was as ballsy as it gets - he took the onus off of his defense and put it on himself. I'm sure a lot of coaches would've made a different call there just to avoid potential criticism, but BB did what he thought would give him the best chance to win the game.
  4. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    as this tweeter tells king
    Sky Kalkman (BtB_Sky) on Twitter

  5. DefenseRules

    DefenseRules Pro Bowl Player

    #12 Jersey

    I wonder what these clowns would be saying if we had converted the 4th down? :rolleyes:
    Just can't win.
  6. BigGunzXL

    BigGunzXL Rookie

    if only faulk would have turned his head a millisecond sooner, there would be no bobbled catch, no coming up short, no loss, and certainly no discussion...
  7. letekro

    letekro In the Starting Line-Up

    I am recalled to this quote at moments like this:

    "American spectators are frustrated athletes. In the champion, they see what they would like to be. In the loser, they see what they actually are, and they treat him with scorn."

    American Olympic high jumper John Thomas, 1960.
  8. DaBronxPats14

    DaBronxPats14 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Well here in New York front page of Daily News has a pic of Rex Ryan & Bill B caption is "Dumb & Dumber" Fat Mike Francessa on WFAN radio is SLAMMIN BB. Interestingly enough some Jets and Giant fan callers support BB decision while Mike F tells them their outta their minds.
  9. condon84

    condon84 In the Starting Line-Up

    Yeah gutsy, but still dumb. Being gutsy or ballsy doesn't always mean you're making the right decisions for your team.

    Marty Mornhinweg electing to kick when the Lions won the coin toss in overtime was a gutsy call, but it was dumb.

    If last night's call was made by someone other than Belichick, we'd all be laughing at how dumb the call was. Don't lie to yourself.
  10. DarrylS

    DarrylS PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    The reality is that BB has a ton of capital... and many of us believe that it was a gutsy call, none of us know what went into the decision making and may not never know...

    Do not think the call was dumb, Brady went over center and saw Faulk 1-1 with a safety, 90% of the time #33 would have prevailed... it is about moving the chains...

    Sorry you are amongst the nattering nabobs of negativity, but many of us do not think it is all that bad... the sun will come up in the morning, the Pats will prepare for the Jets.
  11. condon84

    condon84 In the Starting Line-Up

    I don't even know what that means. LOL.

    Anywhoo, I'm not being negative. It's just reality. Going for a 4th and 2 with 2 minutes left in your own 28 yard line up by six is dumb. Belichick is not outside of making a dumb call and last night was his dumbest yet.

    Here's the question for you: same scenario but the ball is on our 5 yard line, should Bill still go for it?
  12. SteveBsFan

    SteveBsFan Practice Squad Player

    #12 Jersey

    Most other coaches in the league don't have Brady, Moss, Welker and Faulk as almost guaranteed 3-4 yard gains when needed.
  13. DaBronxPats14

    DaBronxPats14 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    What are they saying in NE in newspapers & radio shows there?
  14. DarrylS

    DarrylS PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    That is your opinion, might want to check out his press conference... and the audio on WEEI.com...

    "Nattering nabobs of negativity" is a quote from Spiro Agnew from a previous time.
  15. condon84

    condon84 In the Starting Line-Up

    Huh? I don't even know what you mean by this. If those players are guaranteed 3-4 yard gains, why didn't we get it on 3rd and 2? Why have we struggled in the Red Zone this year if those guys are guarantee? No such thing as a guarantee in sports.
  16. Metaphors

    Metaphors In the Starting Line-Up

    Speak for yourself. I am constantly amazed by how chicken**** coaches are to win games if it doesn't follow conventional thinking. How about this:

    Pats leading 16-10 in the 3rd quarter against Atlanta
    4-1-NE 24 (5:19) S.Morris up the middle to NE 26 for 2 yards

    Drive results in a FG and Pats never look back. That decision followed a Falcon drive where they faced 4th and 5 at the Pats 38 and punted. People can say they would be criticizing Belichick's decision even if they made it (which they did) but I don't recall anything but glowing praise after the Atlanta decision.

    I understand the difference between the situations, but you can't let your sphincter tighten to the point where you can't make the decisions you feel give you the best chance to win.
  17. condon84

    condon84 In the Starting Line-Up

    You didn't answer my question regarding the same scenario but us being on our 5 yard line.
  18. thenepatsrule

    thenepatsrule In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    quote of the day as far as i am concerned...........
    now,its time for the pats to start blowing past teams in their upcoming matches
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  19. #56300ex

    #56300ex On the Game Day Roster

    Agree 100% When everyone at work was talking ***** about how stupid it was for them to go for it, I simply replied " With Brady, Moss, and Welker on that team, they should be able to move the ball 2 yards"
  20. SteveBsFan

    SteveBsFan Practice Squad Player

    #12 Jersey

    Sorry, near-guarantee.. obviously.

    My point remains, when you have Brady, Welker and Moss, 400+ yards on the night, a defense getting torched by Manning, you go for the knockout and win the game.

    This was the same situation that happened vs Buffalo in game 1. Pats were torching the Bills late in the game. The fumble just made the inevitable happen quicker. Without the fumble, Bills go 3 and out, Pats get the ball back and still score imo.

    Most people with an ounce of common sense watching that game last night knew that no matter where Manning got the ball back, the game was likely going to result in him taking a few solid shots in the end zone before it was over.

    Would he have scored? Nobody knows, but he definitely wouldn't have scored if he didn't get the ball back.
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