What the hell happened to this community?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NovaScotiaPatsFan, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    I swear to God, if I traveled back in time to pre 2001 and showed each and showed most of you what you're posting now about us going 15-1 and having a really good shot of winning the Super Bowl given all thats happened to this team the last 2 years without mentioning who I was quoting or what team they were referring to you'd all laugh and go "man what a bunch of homers"

    What the Hell happened to this place? Did the success go to our heads? We don't have a kicker for Christs sake! and you're talkin like we'll go 15-1 and win the Superbowl without breaking a sweat. What the Hell is the matter with you guys? Did you all get together and decide to pull a fast one on old Nova?

    "Hey I got a good one, lets make Nova think we're a bunch of coltpoweresque homers!"

    Confidence is one thing, but this is sheer lunacy. 15-1 are you high? When people used to bad mouth Pats fans I never got what they meant, I'm like "yeah some of them are morons (Co-Red Sox fans) but not these guys here." now I find myself agreeing with them. Seriously I wish you guys could see yourselves the way I do. You're acting like spoiled Colts/Steelers fans.

    Do I think we can't possibly win the Superbowl? Of course not, we have a chance, I think we're in a good position to win our divison, but 15-1? a bye? Pass me that peace pipe!

    Anyway, this is my swan song, hopefully I can find another place to go and meet some realistic Pats fans, but if not oh well. If we do go 15-1, or win the Superbowl I'll be back here to eat my crow. Hell I'll even kill an actual crow, video tape myself eating it and upload it to youtube so you guys can watch it.

  2. F0nSY

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    I'm realistic and know that 15-1 are impossible or very difficult, but that we will arrive at superbowl I do not say that NO.

    Go Pats!
  3. patsox23

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    hope you don't leave, novascotia. A lot of us have grown frustrated by the dip in quality of posts/posters here - as the bandwagon has loaded up and the site has gained a rep of a good place. Hopefully it won't become like the typical site. This place was smart, discerning, realistic and far more objective before. I think it's still better than most.
  4. Slagathor

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    I think "broad-brushing" the entire board is a little reactionary.
  5. Hok

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    I'll have to let this guy know he doesn't exist.
  6. holyredeemer

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    It has truly gone to many peoples heads, and alot of bandwagoners are also to blame. But, who cares? Let them say what they want, I honestly come here just to talk REAL football. I have been coming here since, I believe 2000. Very different crew back then, not better, just different. Alot of the hardcore guys on here get on my nerves just as much as the bandwagon homers. To be honest though, when it's all said and done, we all root for the same team, and regardless of what we talk about or say, that teams outcome is going to be the same. Whatever they do on the field. NEM has been here forrrreeeeever, and though he has always gotten on my nerves for his anti-zampese/weis/whoever is making the calls threads, I still respect the man for always saying how he feels. Thankfully for most of us, he is usually worng;) Love ya NEM:)
  7. pats-blue

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    OHH I see so the Pats have to go 15-1 for you to "eat crow"? I would point out to you the Pats went 17-2 in 2003 and 17-2 in 2004...but anyone thinking the Pats could match that success is a "moron"? You really need to get a grip. The Pats could go 15-1 or depending on injuries and other things could go 8-8. But to call out people for thinking the Pats can go 15-1 just because...well I don't know what your agenda is. The Pats have two 17-2 seasons recently and have an easier schedule this year it is not "moronic" to think they possibly could lose only one game...though I see BB resting starters a la the fish last year. The Pats should have a very good record this year. I do expect a 1st round bye out of them but that is it...after that I hope they ae on a roll and play up to thier potential which would be a SB victory, not assured but I think we have a better chance than most. You really don't have to bother jumping back on the wagon comiong back here to "eat crow" stay where ever you land.

    EDIT: Oh and according to your "poll" you voted we don't have a chance at all of winning the SB.
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  8. hobbsownscoles

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    Quit being such a *****. Is it against the law for people to get excited for a team who has been at the elite the last 5 years, and before that was the laughing stock of the nfl. Id say 15-1 isnt very likely but i think we'll still end up with a bye, so get that sand out of your vagina and quit cryin about hopeful fans
  9. PatsDeb

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    I'd say kicker is about #3 on the concern chart right now (wide-out and line-backer being #s 1 & 2). Give the homers a break!! Most people, when they predict 15-1 are just hoping for that. Besides, who knows what will happen? Did you see the defending superbowl quarterback last night? He looked terrible, like a guy who had been in a motorcycle accident and couldn't play. Lighten up & enjoy! You don't have to read or respond to posts you don't like.
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  10. shmessy

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    D-R-A-M-A Q-U-E-E-N.

    This morning you post a poll thread where the only two choices are:

    A) Yes, of course we will win the SB, no doubt about it


    B) Are you crazy? Of course we won't win the Super Bowl!

    And now, I learn from you that we have no kicker. Huh??????

    I've always enjoyed your posts, Nova, but is there someone close by who can come and check on the radon gas levels in that new house?
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  11. patsfan13

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    I rooted for a laughingstock franchise for 30+ years before Kraft took over. Now my team has the best coach in the league and the best QB (who could end up being the best ever). I gonna enjoy it. Are their issues, yeah no team is perfect, but the talent level on this group, the potential of this group is as good as any Patriot team I;ve ever seen during the preseason.
  12. PatsFanInVa

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    I started here in the offseason, and the problem then was "chicken littles screaming the sky is falling..." It just happened that I posted some stuff saying relax, so I (guess) I was welcomed.

    Now lately, I get accused of being a cheerleader (other threads) because I'm personally not devastated by the Deion situation. Now, I don't run around predicting 16-0... but it looks like the official "thing for us all to be irritated by" is now people who can cope with Deion's (possible) departure.

    Same day, I see this... are you guys just bothered by the neighborhood being bigger, full stop? Been a Pats fan since age 5 or 6, guys. A "bandwagon jumper" to you is "someone that found this board" to everybody else.

  13. primetime

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    The chicken little stuff has been going on for a long time. We're Boston fans, any little thing that happens is going to throw a shockwave and the sky will start falling. I don't know if you're Virginia-born or a NE-expatriate, but sports fans in Boston tend to be a little pathetic about this stuff. To be honest, I've been that way from time to time and I consider myself one of the less sky is falling types.
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  14. PatsRI

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    Nova, if your going to spout about being "Homers" and unrealistic you could at least do the courtesy of giving an actual record that YOU think the Pats may end up with. You say maybe the division but thats as specific as you get. I don't think they will go 15-1 but why not win it all. Which team in the AFC doesn't have some question marks? Pit and Indy both are questioning thier RB's. Denver has thier QB questions. Is Cincy ready for prime time? Miami, alot of people seem to forget Culpepper stunk before he got hurt. The Pats have questions at WR and LB that may hurt them but then again no one thought thier corners were good enough to win it in 04. SInce I asked you to give your prediction here's mine:

    4-1 into the bye with a loss to either Denver or Cincy (I think Denver).
    I have 13-3 or 12-4 for a final record with losses to Indy, Miami and Jax for the 12-4 record. They may pull one of those out but lose another. I don't think this is being a "Homer". They finished 10-6 last year with barely a healthy RB, no Bruschi for half the year, no Seymour for a long stretch, the CBs (nothing further needs be said) and giving Miami the last game and that one they still could have almost won with the backups. Now in my book 12 or 13 wins will be good enough for the division easy and puts them in damn good position for the bye and maybe homefield throughout. Are you willing to say that they will lose a playoff game in Foxboro? I'll take my chances. If all this makes me a Homer then give me pen and paper and I'll write you an Odessey.
  15. deeds

    deeds Practice Squad Player

    Amen Brother!!!!!

    To add to this, i was a season ticket holder through the 80's. It was tough times back then.

    Believe it or not, this current team is REALLY good! Are they going to go 15-1, who knows... Who cares at this point, it's freaking August. All i know is that they have a Hall of Fame Coach and a Hall of Fame QB. How many teams in histroy can say they've had both at the same time?

    Anyway, go away who cares... And please don't come back you won't be missed!
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  16. PatsFanInVa

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    Just left very very young, and kept my Pats allegiance (Sox too... one team was a doormat and the other was "cursed.")

    It'll be nice to get the real season underway & stop resorting to cannibalism.

  17. PATSNUTme

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    I've seen this before. It's a classic case.

    NSPF, you need to go to a doctor right away and see if he can remove that bug up your ass. Sometimes it doesn't require surgery.


    Homer Nut
  18. edgecy

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    Am I getting this right? It's no longer okay to have optimistic view of the team? Just because you don't see this team where the majority of us see it does that make you right and all of us wrong? I know there are issues with this team, there are negatives and there are positives, but I am still extremely excited what we have here. And is that a fault that Patriots fans are excited about the Patriots? And wish them good things? If they are in the wrong for cheering and having optimistic views about their team, my God, what has this world come to.

    Bye Nova, do stop by sometimes.

    P.S. I will go on the record I don't think we will go 15-1, but to see someone just coming out to bash everybody in the forum just ticks me off.
  19. RayClay

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    Who's that Gostkowski guy?

    BTW, I think Vinatieri has a leg injury. Sucks to get old.:D

    Speaking of legs, have you seen this kid's kickoffs?

    Where's that panic button Patsnut?:eek:
  20. mgteich

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    We will have many, many posts on predictions when we know better what our team looks like to start the season, probably right before Game Two and again in the bye week.

    Lat year, we were 10-6 last year, with an aweful defense for the first half, our entire running game injured, one of the worst schedules in the league and two starting linemen out for the year.

    Is it really so difficult to believe/hope that we will win 1-5 more games this year? This year, we have one the EASIEST schedules in the league, and improvements in many of our units. We also have lost 3-4 key players, as we do almost every year.

    Do we need to list our assets and improvements yet again?

    Do we need to list all the additions who might improve the team? Some certainly will. OK let's list some of those who weren't here last year for at least half the season.

    Koppen, Light, O'Callaghan, Maroney, Jackson, Thomas, Mills, Caldwell and a healthy Dillon,

    Do you think our running game MIGHT be better? With a much better running game, and improved tight ends, will our passing game be OK, even if the wideouts catch fewer passes? Will be a worse team if we are more balanced?


    Harrison, Bruschi, Seau, Gay, Gardner, Sullivan
    We lost McGinist and gained Harrison and now have a full year of Bruschi; Are we really significantly worse off?

    Do you think our defense MIGHT be OK?


    We certainly could be 10-6 again or worse. And even with 10-6, we could be in the playoffs with a shot at the Super Bowl.

    It seems more reasonable to think/hope that we will be 1-5 games better, with a better team and a better chance at the SUper Bowl than last year.

    And as of now, I am not counting on Branch, or the 1-3 players Pioli will still bring in before Game Two to improve the team.
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