What side is up??? Optimism???

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    It is truly very hard to see through all the garbage of words..and to get to the truth..I have been reading the NYT, ESPN and other sources...all very pessimistic.. Kesslers statements are like they are miles apart..not in our ballpark..players don't want a bad deal..we could meet for 5000 hours but it would do no good. Upshaw himself doesn't seem to understand how critical this day is, saying he didn't know of a meeting today.. Is he the modern day Nero?? Owners are saying that when parties can't even agree on what the disagreements are its pretty sad times. And yet among all this negativity,
    PFT is the one beacon of hope and optimism....A deal ready to go. I hope that is true. I think that all parties are overlooking the fans..the fans who LOVE football and care that it stays the way it is...in balance and competitive. If they do not come away with an agreement, they could lose fans as well and salaries will NOT be the same ever...but that is the gamble they are all taking. It went to the edge on Thursday..will they get it done or pull the whole thing down??

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