What should the defense do to create some(any) turnovers?

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  1. patsfaninpa

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    Have we been unlucky? A little I guess. Only turnover was Bruschi's pick
    on Hail Mary at end of Jet game. Seems that the best way would be to
    create more pressure on the qb. But, that exposes the secondary a little.
    Makes it difficult for them to get off of the field on 3rd down if no sack.
    Do we see more 4-3? That would tie up the ol and give the blitzing lb's
    a better lane to get to the qb. I love Wilfork against the run. But, he
    barely gets off of the line in pass-rushing situations.

    In the past we have lined Seymour up right over the NG. With Wilfork
    out on passing downs. We could line Warren and J.Green up over the g's.
    With Colvin and Vrabel outside of t's on their outside shoulder. If the other
    team has a weak-link at C or G. That would create a mis-match and put
    Big Sey or Warren in the qb's face. With the possibility of a blitzing Bruschi
    right behind them. Might force some early throws which could be picked
    if we jump the coverage a little.

    I wouldn't be afraid to use TBC and Alexander a little to spell Colvin
    and Vrabel a little. They flashed pass-rush ability in the pre-season
    and would give those guys a rest.

    I don't trust our secondary to sit back and try to cover everyone.
    No pass-rush would expose them I believe. Thoughts??
  2. Oswlek

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    NE made a mistake in Sunday's game of blitzing too much. It was apparent early on the NE would not get good pressure on Plummer without extra rushers, but that ignores the simple truth about Plummer; he is a terrible decision maker unless his read is very open. If you have the game taped, go back and look at the successful passing plays. Many if not most of them came on blitzes. By comparison, even when Plummer had plenty of time, when only 3-4 rushers were sent, Plummer just stood around and often threw a bad pass.

    I believe that had they just dropped into coverage and accepted minimal pressure would be applied, Plummer would have thrown at least one int.
  3. DB15

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    To create turnovers a defence must force an offence into an uncomfortable position. Plain and simple.

    The best way to achive this is to dominate on the field in one specific aspect. EX. Shut down the run game, blitz effectively, or shut down a go to target in the passing attack.

    If one of these aspects are achived, it forces an offence to start to rely heavily on a certain scheme, which allows a defence to zone in on it, which leads to turnovers.
  4. captain stone

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    Talent and youth (and therefore speed) at backup LB would help.

    So would a professional DBs coach who understands, and can teach, proper interception and tackling technique.

    A healthy Rodney Harrison...the '03-'04 Eugene Wilson...

    Maybe the pats can hire one of those R-rated hypnotists, to make everyone on the team forget the names of Meion and Vinitraitor.
  5. rabthepat

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    You want turn overs... then tackle the guy with the ball like he punched your mother in the mouth for no reason at all. Make the guy with the ball regret he go it in the first place. Watch the Jags, Steelers or Ravens tackle and swarm to the ball. Our guys tackle like they have a new 3 piece suit on.
  6. RoughingthePasser

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    Tedy and Junior will need to make some plays. I agree that we should not committ too many blitzing LB's. We need to fill in the middle of the field and let the guys up front handle their business. Our tackling has been sad-we need some big hits and aggressive play (strips etc). If you come down the middle prancing we will knock your lights out type stuff. Silence of the Rams. Punish them after the catches.

    We've had some close ones as far as INT's so far this year. We will eventually get more TO's as the year continues. They will only help us add to the score.

    The defense just needs to keep playing hard and some of the guys will make plays.
  7. zippo59

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    This kinda reminds me of last year when some of the newer guys were getting used to playing with each other and until that happened they could not cause any turnovers. The defense is still getting used to playing with Rodney, Seau, and TBC. Accomplishing this was made far more difficult last year by the numbers of injuries, which created little continuity among personnel. If major injuries can be somewhat avoided this year then the defense will have an easier road doing this.
  8. qbert

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    Suggestion: tackle the ball carrier by the testicles.
  9. Box_O_Rocks

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    There have been a number of forced and unforced fumbles in the games, they either went out of bounds, were whistled dead by the officials, or bounced unlucky for the Patriots. I find it hard to get too wrapped around the axle this early. Bruschi just missed an int Sunday night, Samuel stone fingered one too, the opportunities are there, folks can take the long leap, or they can see that things aren't that bad and panic accordingly.
  10. Keegs

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    This is an easy one....

    1.) play better defense

    if you need anything else, lemme know...................

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