What season was Brady allowed to start calling his own plays?

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    Just like to know if anyone can remember the transition because i find it quite interesting that someone as experienced (although error prone) like Romo is only now being allowed to call the shots at the line.
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    Technically he doesn't. And despite the blathering of ESPN idiots, neither does Peyton. All plays are called by a coach up in the press box. He gets two or three options and in the Huddle calls something like "red-eagle-omaha-xy17."

    Then at the line he sees the defense and he can audible out. Either he had called a potential audible in the huddle and just yells the code word for "Hey, guys, we are going with the alternate." Or at the line he has to call "blue-blue-badger-badger-albany-albany- mickey mouse is dead - mickey mouse is dead - hike."

    Oh, and the myth of calling your own plays of old time QBs is over blown. According to Terry Bradshaw it was nine plays. Run left, right, up the middle, or pass left, right, middle, long pass left, right, middle.

    I have no idea what is mentally wrong with Romo, assuming you are referring to audibles

    Edit: oh, I forgot to answer your question.:) Usually if the coach trusts the QB, he can audible. Although I'm not sure, I'd guess at some point in 2001 - though probably not as soon as Bledsoe went down.
  3. SB39

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    +1. FWIW, I think Jim Kelly was the last QB to call his own plays, but don't quote me on that.
  4. sb1

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    Correct about Peyton Manning. I read that he gets 3 options (2 pass, 1 run) and chooses the best one based on the defensive package he sees.
  5. English Patriot

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    Great great post oh and by the way that's what i meant, i know the OC calls the shots but at the line of scrimmage the BEST QB's get to audible depending on what they see and obviously the more high IQ and prepared QB will have the most trust.

    I was talking more about the verbage used at the line after the base play is set by the OC and why Romo is only now being allowed to audible more freely and wasn't before because he seems a pretty sound QB that just unfortunately makes KEY mistakes at the worst times.
  6. DaBruinz

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    Brady has been running the hurry-up without calls from upstairs since 2005.. They have a group of plays that he can pick from and he makes the calls based on what he sees.

    Oh. Even Jim Kelly was getting plays called down to him from upstairs. He wasn't truly calling his plays either, if you want to go based on lurker's post.
  7. PP2

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    Brady does call the offense when they are in hurry up mode or in the 2 minute drill. He also has the latitude to call out of an assigned play which he does a fair amount of time because he is one of the best at getting the defense to tip its hand.

    It also is interesting that he does have a hand in designing the offense for a particular week's opponent. In "Belichick: A football life" there is a shot of Belichick and Brady sitting in BB's office and talking about what offense to incorporate in the upcoming game against Baltimore and Brady is seen describing a play to counter Reed's ability to roam.
  8. pats4life12

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    He will only run call the hurry up offence, I don't think they will ever let him call all the shots. Even thought I think he would call better plays then McDaniels.
  9. voluntarysaftey

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    If that were true, then he would be calling the plays.
    The OC has the advantage (over the QB) of not having to spend his week doing physical practice, so he can spend his week studying the opposing d; and the OC has specifically become an expert at that part of the game.

    I would doubt there's any QB -- including manning and brady -- who would call a better game than the worst OC.
  10. pats4life12

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    So your saying an OC that that would call a run right up the middle every play. Would be better then Brady call pass and run plays on the field. I'm going to pick Brady on that one.
  11. Shockt327

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    Most famously, Peyton Manning was supposedly given three plays to choose from on every down, though this was likely a bit of hyperbole....

    You guys are being mis-lead about Peyton/Tom Moore's "3 plays" playcalling....

    That stuff about picking between 2 runs and 1 pass was simply BS that Tom Moore and Tony Dungy would recite to the media. In reality, Peyton called his own plays at the line of scrimmage. It's really the only way that an offenses as bare-bones as Indy's could take advantage of the D. You can't do that with playcalling that's done before they are at the line. That's also why they were constantly no-huddle; to prevent D subs, and to take advantage on the following plays with the playcalling at the line. So yeah, the reason why Peyton is so successful, in large part, is because the no huddle forces the D into vanilla coverage, and Peyton can call out the passing concept to fully exploit the D that he reads at the line. But that has to be done at the line. A coach can't read a D while his O is in that "sugar huddle." Peyton calls the play at the line.

    Keep in mind, Indy's O (Denver's no different) stuck to incredibly basic passing concepts too. Almost all of them were out of that same formation/personnel package too 3WR/1TE/1RB.
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    Interesting. It shows how much bb trusts Tom.

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